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Thomas's Backround story

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Myself Thomas and my family were just going on a vacation like anybody else. We are from Norway and we like to travel around the world. We were going to Moskva, where we would be at a hotel for a couple of dayz. Everything went fine and nothing exciting really happened. We decided to go on a little field trip trough russia so we rented a car. We drove through Russia until we stopped at this place called Chernogorsk or something like that. We decided to sleep there for the night at a hotel. We all got under our blankets and fell to sleep. In the middle of the night someone nocked on the door. My father went out of bed, and walked over to the door. As soon as he opened it a zombie came in and bit my fathers neck off. Mom went into a shock state and so did my sister. Me myself went under my bed and hid there for a while. I heard my mom screaming, and i heard blood splatter all over the place. My sister on the other hand suvived, she ran beside the zombies and trough into the hallway. I just hid under the bed, without helping anyone i was in shock. The walker didn't notice me and he walked out again. I don't know where my sister is or wether she even is alive. As it stands right now im 16 and all alone, with noone to help me in this disaster world.

Any feedback would be nice :3

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