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Journal of Seth Rodgers

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//The first three entries will be the back story to my character, anything added after that will be based off of in-game experiences

The Journal of Seth Rodgers

Name: Seth Rodgers

Age: 23

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 164 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Office Floor Manager

Demeanor in Three Words: Cautious, Loner, Proud,

Journal Entry I


So my parents thought it would be a great idea for me to return to 'The Motherland' as they called it, since I lost my job back home, they sent me to my relatives in Chernarus to experience what 'real' work is actually like. I never actually was born there nor visited it, so I have no idea why I must be sent to the gula- I mean, my relatives place. Either way, my mother wanted me to keep a journal to write in every so often to keep track of anything interesting happening.

Right now there's a crying baby next to me on the plane and it's cramped in the seats. I'm gonna try and get some sleep. I have a long way to Chernarus...

Journal Entry II

(Days before Outbreak)

I've been here for a week and I still haven't found a job, my cousin tells me they call me American scum. Not sure what they're problem is. Either way, nothing has been going on other then job searching, my aunt was talking to me about how a lot of people where getting some sort of weird sickness recently, and it's been reported in other countries as well. They have said that they will find a cure for whatever it is. I just wish I could get a hold of my family, just this one time.

Journal Entry III

(Day of Outbreak)

I'm in the back of my Uncle's truck, a fucker came right up to the porch and bit him right on the arm. I don't know why I'm writing this right now, we're trying to get to a hospital. I feel like writing is the only way to calm down. I'll try to keep writing as much as I can.

He's dead, my own uncle is dead, killed by another human being.

They told us there is a cure, they told us there is a way out of this... they lied... it was all a lie.

//Sorry if parts were not well written. I haven't actually sat down and wrote a story in such a long time, it could be fleshed out a lot more and I may update it.

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//Nicely done. I thought you had vanished. Good to see that you are still around!

//Yeah, I stopped playing DayZ for awhile, got back into it, then got tired of normal servers, then remember about RP!

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