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Code Name: Ztroly

Age: 29

Occupation: Norwegian Spy

Gender: Male

I had spent a few months in Russia, training undercover for the Norwegian intelligence bureau.

This was my first mission they sent me on, I had waited 2 years for this. I was one of the best hackers in my unit.

They said I needed military training to work on the field, but I said I didn't need any.

Like I saw it my computer was a lot better weapon than any gun they'd force me to shoot with on the training field..

So I hacked my own organization, approved my papers and confirmed that I was ready.

After that they sent me up north to get through to the Russians, their MIGs had been very active for the last 2 years

My job was to get information from the radio communications that the russian fighters used,

but it was boring and there was no information I found that we could use,

After 1 1/2 year the activity was starting to get more aggressive. My boss called me in,

I had to go in to Russia to find more information about this.

The plan was that I was going to live with a father and his son in a city called Elektrozavodsk.

Starting the next day I was on my way, took a boat from northern Norway to the Russian Federation.

Everything was fixed, my fake passport and my computer, my hideout was the city and the goal was to get more information around the airfields in the area.

After 2 days on the boat I saw land,it was a big city called Electro by the local citizens. It had a longer name, but I only spoke about it by its local name.

It was very difficult to get in touch with citizens, very few spoke English, so I had to resort to locals that would translate for me in exchange for payment, or by using translating tools on my smartphone.

Then one time I was going to meet a contact of mine, things turned sour. I was out by the docks, waiting for the ferry to dock when I see an older man and his son pointing my way.

I could not quite understand why he is pointing in my direction, but I got a bad feeling about the situation and sure enough, looking to road opposite of me , I see 12 to 15 Russian soldiers armed to their teeths running at me. I grabbed my computer, the passport and started running as fast as I could. They shouted at me in Russian, but I didn't understand anything so I kept running and tried to get back to the boat, but my contact on the boat refuse to let me in. He starts the boat and start driving away. I had been betrayed.

Two soldiers threw themselves at me, pushing my face down on the concrete.

An officer approached me, he spoke fluent English and asked what I was doing here while he picked up my passport, shook his head and said something in Russian.

Last thing I remember is seeing a soldier lift his gun and thrust it towards my head, then it turns black.

I wake up with a headache. I lift my head up and look around me. I'm sitting in a jail cell. Damn.

After I've observed my surroundings a bit, I finally come to realize that I'm tied to a chair.

I hear sirens and lots of shots and people shouting. I managed to tilt the chair to the side so I get loose, and without hesitation I run to the door. It's locked. After trying a few kicks to the doorknob to see if I can bust it open it turns out, russians know how to make high security prison cells. I could not escape by ordinary means.

Looking around me I notice a small window with bars that had been behind me, I go up to it to look out. I see soldiers shoot at a lot of people that had gather around the building. It could almost look like a demonstration against something.

I did not understand why, why kill their own

Observing the group for a bit, I notice one man running straight for a soldier, he pounces on the soldier, giving him a solid headbutt.

The soldier fall to the ground and the other person immediately starts to feed on him.

I hear ugly screams, I don't know if it is the soldier or the other man that is screaming, but the screams continue even after the soldier is laying flat out on the ground, not fighting back anymore.

Surely he must be dead?

But suddenly I hear a new ugly scream from the soldier that had been eaten.

He gets up and looks directly at me, I throw myself back, crouching under the window. As I crouch down, I notice dust and pebbles of rock falling on my head. Looking up, I see that the window bars has been damaged.

By the looks of the cracks in the concrete and the burn marks, I guess a bomb or something like it has been detonated on the outside. But I choose not to dwell on how it got damaged, but rather focus on how I can use it to escape.

I quickly start to claw and dig in the concrete and after a solid hour of work I manage to remove one of the outer window bars.

Now I have just got to tie the rope from my capture to the last window bars and climb down, and I'd be a free man.

But would I dare?

What would kill me first? Soldiers or citizens who had suddenly become cannibals?

Studying the environment for a bit out through my newly re-configured window I realise that I'm in the middle of nowhere. So I hatched a plan to wait for nightfall before I climb down and run for the woods.

When the night finally came, I sat listening, I could not hear anything under me.

I looked out the window but could not see the ground, it made me very insecure.

But I had to get out, so I started to climb down. When I was almost all the way down and could see the ground, the rope snapped, and I fell to the ground with a stomp sound.

I lie as silent as I can, listening for anyone that could have picked up on the sound. Suddenly I hear Russian voices and guns begin to fire at me, I'm running as fast as I can towards the woods, I ran until they stopped shooting at me and then I ran some more.

What should I do now?

Was I lured into this situation by my own people?

What was it that had attacked the soldier?

Is it possible to get home to Norway?

Am I wanted in Russia?

Who can I trust?

It was so many question and I did not know where to start.

After having asked myself these questions, a more pressing matter came to mind. My stomach started to make roaring sounds and reminded myself that I was both hungry and thirsty.

I started to stray deeper in the forest, but I knew I had to come back for my laptop. It was my best hope of connecting to anyone back home.

Please tell me what you think.. and tell me if there is something i can do bether?

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