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my backstory

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Name: Matthew Strikeo Matt for short

Age: 23




Matthew Strikeo was born into a prestigious military family from Australia. His father was the General of the ADF (Australian Defense Force), one of the first to pledge loyalty to Australia after the rise of the zombies. His father trained him in the art of combat, and he became adept in the use of basic rifles. Nevertheless, he had been sheltered from the presence of war, and knew little of the zombie out-break. He practiced combat only to please his father. He preferred peace and relaxation, but his family name would not allow him to live such a life. When he came of age he was commissioned in the newly formed squad ZAS (Zombie Attack Squad). He was sent to Chernarus to command a combat squad in patrolling the outskirts of chernogorsk, where he would live in relative quiet for almost a year.

One day, while on patrol, Matt's unit was ambushed by a big band of Bandits. His squad were outnumbered 10 to 1, but Matt and his men fought for as long as they could until they were finally overrun. Killed in battle, except for Himself captured and taken to the bandit hideout.

Matt was held captive until proven worthy and initiated into the ranks of the clan. He followed the bandits into many battles, in which he caught the attention of the bandit leader (Andrew), who felt that his talents where better suited as a leader in the field. He oversaw the forces of Chernarus for many months, pushing forward against the very borders he once protected. When the order came to attack ZAS main camp, He was the first to heed the call.

After the defeat at ZAS main camp, Matt was freed from the Bandits, and soon realized what he had done to his homeland. He vowed vengeance against the Andrew and the bandits, and set out to destroy them.

i feel like i need a little bit more at the end but not sure please let me know thanks in advance :)

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Some minor grammar issues and such, and needs to be longer.

Can help you with the grammar if you want.

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