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Guest devanlasalla

Hey everyone!

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Guest devanlasalla

Hey everyone! I heard about DayZRP and thought it sounded really fun. I have a lot of experience RPing (I play DnD, MilSim airsofting,Etc.) but i have never found a DayZ Role Playing server/mod that looked engaging. Thats why i think im best suited for DayZRP. I look forward to RPing with you all soon :) (look below for my background story)



NAME: LaSalla, Devan

AGE: 30

RANK: 2nd LT.


BIO: 2nd Lieutenant Devan LaSalla was a highly prestigious member of the United States Marine Corps. He graduated top of his class in Scout sniper school March 5th 1998 and since then, has racked up 200+ confirmed kills in covert operations. The locations of these Ops have not yet been disclosed. His family died in May 2005 in what appeared to an accidental car crash. He was nearly discharged later that year for depression. He earned the Purple Heart in October 2011 when a mortar shell went off 10 feet away from his position, killing his partner Michael Sullivan, and embedding shrapnel into the Lieutenant's upper left leg causing moderate nerve damage. He was honorably discharged late 2011 under medical grounds. Sources then say he then joined a undisclosed PMC and was deployed by the UN to Chernarus for crowd control after a large outbreak of the flu in early 2012. After that all contact from Chernarus, and the ship bringing him there was lost, and his status is unknown.

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Welcome to the server, I hope you enjoy

~Regards Z3RO

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