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Guest Araid

AP for my Character

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Guest Araid

Hi All.

I have been working on a AP and back ground story to my character i will be submitting in the next open. If anyone has some constructive criticism please share.

Also English is not my first language but i grew up with it as a second. If you find any spelling mistakes that i missed please let me know.


Personal Info Page

Name: Graham

Surname: Smith

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Occupation: Desktop Support Analyst

History: Grew up as a farm boy back in South Africa. Loved hunting and working on vehicles while playing pretend war with brothers. After school work was limited in IT and decided to move to Australia with my wife.

Diary Entry One:

My name is Graham. I have decided to keep a diary from this point forward as it helps me keep track of time and place. Everything is gone to hell with the outbreak finally reaching Australia. The locals started blaming the islanders first but soon started blaming any non Australian around. It has been years since we visited our home in South Africa but explaining that to them has not made any difference.

Wish they would at least turn the power back on. It's so dark and cold.

Dairy Entry Two:

We have been ordered to stay in doors for the last 36 hours. There have been rumors going around of them picking up the woman and children to be taken to the docks. I am still not sure what they are going to do with us at this point but so far it seems calm. Maybe if we trust them we will get out of this alive.

Dairy Entry Three:

I arrived at the docs earlier today. The men are being kept separate from the rest so I have not seen my wife or daughter for days. It is a strange feeling being kept in cages and handled with sticks like they are afraid we would bite. There have been a few cases of the outbreak but what do you expect if you keep everyone in cages together. They treat us like animals and now they take my family away and expect us to not do anything. Wie die bliksem dink die f

I need to calm down and get some sleep. Don’t want to get mad and hurt someone like before. Promised my dad I wont.

Dairy Entry Four:

If you read this I fear it would be my last entry. The outbreak got on the ship and I fear everyone ells is dead. My brother in law saved my life by dragging me in here when I was just about to jump over the rails. Maybe he should have left me to jump.

The room is a small server room. Far cry from the server room I was working in back home but the servers do give off some heat to keep us little warm. We are still moving and it's getting colder but I saw the captain die. Maybe there is someone ells alive or we are just aimlessly drifting to our deaths. When will this end.

Dairy Entry Five:

I am not dead. I ask myself every minute why I am not dead but I have no answer.

Our ship has struck a rock off the coast and started to sink. We barely made it out of that room before being forced to swim for safety. The currents were strong and we drifted apart in what must have been hours. My brother's last words were that we will find each other on the coast.

I now find myself on a beach looking into a world I have never seen before. Some signs of civilization in the distances might be a good place to start looking for my brother but judging by the blood on the roads this might be a long trip.

Dairy Entry Six:



Hope it's not to bad.


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Guest Araid

I enjoyed reading that

Thanks Razhell.

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Guest Araid

Any more feedback i can get before i have to submit this tomorrow.

Will have my brother in laws back story join up with mine but actually felling nervous about getting in. Never had to go through such a process to get into a game.

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