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Jess Newton

The new Journal of old Jess

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Three long years. Three long years I have lived in the mountains! You see I ran, like a coward some would say, and hid in the mountains. I'll give you a little bit of back story on that decision. When this outbreak first began I was among a good group of survivors, we stuck together, we watched each others backs, shoot, we were family, but then as much to often happens, greed and corruption set in.

That said, a man can only live in the mountains by himself for so long.. living off berries, rabbits, and whatever other small game I could harvest. So today was the day! Today I sat out on a brand new adventure in search of other survivors. I began my journey with just the few items I could carry, and quickly realized that a lot has changed over the years. I mean, heck ya'll.. I don't even know where I am at right now!

I found a few basic supplies, got a quick bite to eat and even found a pipsi, that was nice! Anything flavored taste good now days, especially after drinking from mud puddles and rain water collections the past few years! I've decided to camp for the night in an old house, didn't seem like anyone lived there, so hopefully I don't wake up to trouble. In fact, I have yet to run into another survivor. I did happen to notice that the dead are still walking around, but I don't fear them my axe still gets the job done.

I shall set out in the morning in search of survivors, maybe Ol' Jess still has what it takes to help folks out. Maybe people have changed for the better, maybe they have realized that if we ever want to rebuild we have to work together! Maybe... just maybe I will run into a familiar face and catch up on old times.

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