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Guest Jvalen

Hey guys, new RPer here (Edited)

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Guest Jvalen

Hey guys I just came across your RP server from a twitch cast. I was actually looking for a good RP server and I think I found it. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game.

Age: 27

Gender: Male

From: USA

Codename: Jvalen


I lived most of my life touring around the world with a special operative group in the military. I had a family but since my military career required me to be away from home, it was very hard to keep a stable relationship. We were notified when the outbreak happened and I rushed back the USA to see my family and get them to the safety centers. When I arrived in New York it was utter chaos, the sick and infected all over the streets, people trying to rush past military barricades to get into safe zones. I arrived at my house and saw a site I never want to ever think about again. My wife, dead with my children in her arms.

My unit was sent to Chernarus to find a scientist that supposedly knows how to cure this curse... My only hope is that I find him.

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