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Home Destroyed [Open Frequency]

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*Damien begins to transmit* 

Ha, I'll tell ya. Jimmy D's, Petrovka Novaya.

*Scratches his head*

Pretty sure it wasn't us, but hell I'd be surprised if it wasn't. Probably Gunnar out bein' shitfaced in the middle of the night. Gotta tell ya though, sometimes we're there, sometimes we're at wartime, sometimes we're out scavengin'. 


If you wanna talk, come down at dusk tomorrow. We'll figure out if it was us. If it wasn't my brothers, we could possibly do some business to find the ones whom did it depending what you have to offer. We'll be a'waitin'.

*Damien ends the transmission*

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*kyle presses the ptt*

Oh shit.. The pagans are the bikers? *laughs* Yea.. I know it aint you lot, I spent some time with ya man louie the other night, me and my bro were with john moody offering some backup if she went down with akrasia. I thought these bikers were someone else. Apoligizes on that bruv.

*Kyle, feeling stupid lets go of the PTT and laughs to himself "I'm so fucking stupid" he mutters*

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