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So I want to post this one last time to get more peoples opinions, again please take in mind this is my first time roleplaying.

My name is Bogdan Azarov. I was born in Russia before moving to central Europe and spending my childhood in Germany. I received all of my education in Germany so my native tongue is German. I had always taken an interest in fire arms, from paintball guns to potato launchers. Every year on my birthday i went to a place called "Warzone" to practice shooting and have paintball fights with friends. My parents had always thought that Germany wasn't the place for us but it had work so we stayed...

When I turned 18 my family moved back to Russia, and soon after I joined the military.With my background of fire arms it wasn't difficult seeing as it was basic military not Spetsnaz. I was stationed in the middle of nowhere it felt like. Spending most of our days playing cards and shooting bottles we became bored. We never saw combat we just trained our shooting skills and played drinking games. Years later I was still in active service but they told us we were being restationed. After years of waiting I could only hope we would finally see some action... little did I know I would never see my family again. We were being sent to a place called Chernarus to investigate mysterious happenings occurring there. That is how I arrived here.

The unit that was sent in that I was part of flew in over the country with a Mi-18. In the blink of an eye we heard artillery and than we started descending to our impeding doom. 12 of us were sent in and only 8 made it out of the aircraft one was torn apart by flak and the rest died on impact. A month passed by and the sick people had taken 4 more of my squad. We made refuge in a castle on a hill, none of us even had a clue where we were located. In our confusion we 4 decided that we should sleep and in the morning we would move out to a new location to find a map. We awoke to gunshots and another dead friend, we scattered and now I have been alone for the rest of the year I have been here I miss my family and I would do anything to see them again. I have wondered this island for a year now and I have yet to find a way out. I haven't seen my family for a year now and my one goal here is to get back home to my family... at any cost.

Name: Bogdan Azarov

Age: 20

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Military

Demeanor in Three Words: Loyal, Hard, trustworthy.

Goal: Return to family in Russia.

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Thanks for the feedback, also you must be pretty leet considering your post number. lol

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Oh, I didn't even notice. Damn, I ruined it :(

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