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Matt's Bio/story (app/whitelist help please)

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(Tell me what you like, and what you dislike. And what is wrong with this, if possible please. Thank you)

My name is Matthew, or rather just simply Matt. I came here on a Airplane, well crash. Before any of this, this apocalypse started. The only thing I can remember about the infection before I went on the plane was "New and mysterious, Infectious disease found in South America" From the headline on the newspaper I bought. I thought it was some media bullshit, causing mass hysteria. Of course though I was wrong about that.

I barely survived that flight, because midway through it, some lunatic somehow manage to sneak in a bomb powerful enough to rip the plane literally in half, nearly killing me in the process, and making me forget about some things in my life. Like why was I in a plane in the first place? Where was I trying to get to? Why was that guy trying to clawed me to death?

Anyways I awoken after some time later on a beach. With my only choice to head inland, and not starve. I figure out by the road signs that I was diffidently somewhere in Eastern Europe in which most of the locals have turned into flesh eating, gray, fucking lunatics. And people who are not infected shooting at each other over what is left of the world. A Fucking Hellhole.

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