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After DAYZ

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Guest Real_Frojd

My name is Cliff Frojd, well all my friends call me “Real,” ya know after Sigmund Freud? It’s dumb I know, well it’s nice to think about how things were before this all got fucked up. Oh? Y-you want to hear MY story? Well I’m giving you plenty of warning that it isn’t all glorified like in those videogames people used to play. I was born to a poor farming family on a small island a little ways off the coast called Taviana it was mostly farm towns and a few big cities spread far apart. Ever since I was little I hated life on the farm always doing the most work for the least pay,*(good hearted chuckle) but it did make me have respect for the land and what Mother Nature can create just to ruin your day!

On my 16th birthday I got offered my first non-farming job in the industrial town of Dubrovka. I wanted badly to have an excuse to get off the farm for any amount of time, but I would need a car or I would be stuck walking 20km to and from work. I started taking more of the jobs where I got to use the tractor and would teach myself how to drive! Well that worked all well and fine but after I felt confident in my driving abilities I realized that cars cost money! And if there was one thing I was short on it was cash. I felt that I would be stuck on that hell hole for the rest of my life! I kept my cool and decided to save for a year or two till I could afford a car, until then I would have to work, and work I did. Just after a year I had the cash to get myself a nice betty van that my friend Jake was selling! The catch was that he wanted me to go on spring break with him and his girlfriend to Chenarus… worst $700 I ever spent.

We arrived at Balota airfield and rented a taxi to take us to Electro. His dad had set us up in a 5 star hotel I couldn’t believe how nice it looked! We were there for 3 days before we saw military trucks driving up to a place called “Starry Sabor” it sounded like a cool place to go, it was so high north that none of the lights from either Cherno or Electro could be seen! Once jakes girlfriend herd about this she wanted to go stargazing there and we headed off the next day just after breakfast. When we got there we saw a barricade blocking the road and some of the Russian soldiers came over to our car, gave us a once over than told us to turn around and that an “accident” had happened in starry. We got back to the hotel just before night fall and packed due to our leaving the next morning. In the morning we went down to the front desk where the receptionist told us that Balota airfield was under quarantine and the military wasn’t allowing people to leave! So we headed up to the room, confusion hanging in the air like a fog, we tried to hide that we were worried but to no avail. So we headed down the street to a little café that we had become regulars at we all ordered coffee and I noticed the TV was turned off so I asked our server if she could turn the weather channel on but she told us that it went out about two or three hours ago. She could see that we were nervous so she quickly told us that it was probably just the shitty power grid. After two more days stuck in Electro everyone was on edge as we heard that more and more and more cities were in quarantine.

Jake and I had been walking around when we heard a gunshot ring out from near the café, back then it was actually surprising to hear a gunshot, when we ran to it we saw our regular server bleeding from her right shoulder, I she had been shot! After we bandaged her shoulder Jake ran to the hospital to get help since his phone hadn’t been getting good reception lately. Just after he left I noticed that she was the one with the gun… but I was confused as to what she was shooting at. I followed the blood trail that went from where she lay into the dimly lit café, at first I didn’t see...It…him? Whatever they are, but he was standing still in the corner when I finally noticed him I nearly shit myself with fear, half his face was missing! Than it clicked as to what happened she must have been getting robbed when he stabbed her and she shot him! Looking back now it is painfully obvious what was happening and how I could have saved so many lives… I thought he was dead so I went to see what he was leaning against that made him stay upright. As I moved closer to examine he lunged and I screamed and ran out of the café like a bat outta hell! When I got out of the doorway I tripped on the lady laying on the ground and hit my head on the m1911 lying on the ground next to her. I grabbed the gun and pointed it at the doorway I had come out of. As the man shuffled his way to the doorway I could now see his wounds in the daylight, his face was attached by thin strands of flesh, the jaw and cheek on the right side of his head were blown apart from the impact of the bullet. But all he noticed was me and I knew deep down that this was not a human anymore and instincts kicked in. I clenched my eyes shut and pulled the trigger again and again until all I heard was *click* [[Thanks I hope you liked it that’s the entire story for now!]]

[[And could someone tell me how to indent a paragraph tab wont work!]]

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