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Guest NHK The Great

I Need help with the whitelisting

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Guest NHK The Great

hello i got my application rejected twice 1 week ago.To this day i can not apply for another one i got rejected for spelling and grammar mistakes i saw people posting their stories and their spelling were way worse than mine i am dyslexic and i need to triple check everything and i still make some mistakes.Also like most people my first language is not English.I always use voice chat and i am a big role play fan i have around 100 hours of darkrp on my record i never go out of character.All i ask is for another chance to experience dayz at it's best


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If it got rejected twice, I believe you're blacklisted.

I suggest you PM an admin about it.

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No interviews are available at this current moment in time.

Please be aware that many people have been posting their stories, in advance, of submitting their white-list to ensure that they have the best possible chances of being accepted.

If you feel that it was suitable, feel free to PM an Admin but in reality if you were declined for poor spelling and grammar then that is a valid excuse for declining your application and I suspect that will be their response.

You will be notified if and when the Interviews will be continuing via an announcement on our forums.

Up until then I would suggest you have a look at our forums and show us that you would be worth adding on the servers. We need to be assured that you are mature enough and that you would be a valuable addition.

Thank you!

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