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As Im new to the server I have a few questions regarding settlements. Are you allowed to steal from settlements and are you allowed to hold people up outside of settlements and near them or not. And on a different note is there a town where a lot of people tend to pass by or go to because I have been playing for a couple days now and have only come across 2 people.

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Each settlement has different rules which you can see here on the forums at the following link List of Settlements. Vybor and surrounding areas seems to have plenty of people in lately, the north seems to be popular :D

Also, when you have questions there is a whole forum dedicated to questions and answers which you can find here for future use 

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/Moved to the Questions section.

Hi there,

We have Settlement Rules on the Rules page.
Yes, you can steal from settlements, but be aware if you do so.
You enter a settlement at your own risk.
But why would you steal from them?
I recommend you to take a closer look at those rules.

And just like Saunders said to you. Kabanino, Vybor and Stary Sobor are places with a lot of people in or around it.
Just look around the map for people or check the Radio chatter section for people.


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34 minutes ago, Blackout7181 said:

Thanks for the info


No worries man, if you have anymore questions you can pm me and I'll see if I can help - I'm always for helping out new players. I don't know where I'd be without the help of others when I first started 

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@Blackout7181 Seeing as how you've received numerous answers regarding your question, we now ask that you select the best answer by clicking the check-mark next to the user's name who provided said answer. If you need a visual representation of how to do this, please refer to Eagle's Guide on How to Solve Questions.

Otherwise, if you have further issues and/or questions you would like to ask, do not hesitate to ask. :)


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