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An Ordeal..

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05-16-2013: Entry One.

We came here on orders to locate an apparent antidote for infected beings and to also find people with knowledge on how and when all the trouble with zombies started. These people would then be needed to vacate Chernarus with us back to our ship so we can gather as much intelligence as possible to try and put a stop to the madness.........

As we approached Chernarus from the East in our PBX, we were confronted by a UH-1H. It put its spot light on us and opened fire. Next thing i know Kanzulmon had pushed me over-bored screaming to swim away, all i knew was that we were screwed...

Somehow i managed to reach the shore, in shock and freezing cold. As i was not ready for that ordeal i did not get a chance to equip my rucksack, losing all my rations and ammo, my gun - ruined by the salty sea water. Lucky for me i had found a house with clothes still on a washing line.. I thank boot camp for me still being alive.....

Now with no supply's and lost, i shall begin to try find my lost comrades and hopefully complete my original intentions of coming to this land. I would like to see my wife and children again some day please let it be.


- Fackmos.

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