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What I once had [Open Frequency]

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Strawberry wonders around in the woods, walking towards the north, far north. He looks up, he gets blinded by the sun that's shining down on him through the leafs of all the trees surrounding him.  The split second while the sun is blinding him, he starts to mutter.


*Grins and picks up the radio and pushes down the PTT*

"For all of you, all of you that.. that don't like me, and attemp.. attempted to take everything away from me."

"Attempted to.. kill me."

*He takes a good look around himself, looks up and the sun is still shining through the green leafs*

"I'm.. I'm done hiding"

"To all of my.. pets.. friends or brothers out there"

"I've been gone..gone way to long, I have attempted to make contact, but not been to lucky"

*Releases the PTT*


He brings out his backpack, and quickly looks through it. Looking for his rope, he finds three different ropes; with three different numbers on them 4 - 7 - 1. He looks towards south, smiles with courage and starts to head down.

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*Intrigued, Holliday pushes down on the PTT button of his radio, he would wait a few seconds before actually speaking.*

"... Who the hell are you?.. I've heard of Miller, the Russians, The Renegades, Gamblers, never heard of you though.."

*He releases the button.*

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*Masahi surprisingly decides to push the PTT*

*Looks at his brothers suicide note* Huh; you don't sound like CJ but I'm guessing you may be Strawberry but yet again you may not be that person, says here you once helped my brother take some guys hostage in Kab way back he uh... He says thanks for that, he's dead by the way Ace that is was killed by some Chernarussian last time I remembered this is his brother.

*Lets go of the PTT

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