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To New Moon (Private Frequency)

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*J enters his room, leans his weapon on his bed, takes of his backpack and rummages it for his radio, after a minute of swearing, he throws the backpack upside down, dropping everything out, breaking his aviators in the process, "Ooh for god sakes". He remembers that his radio was in his vest this whole time. After a few more minutes of swearing, Jack enters the room*
" - Is it set up yet?" " - Give me a minute, I'm thinking about it!"  - "Thinking about what?! Just press the button and speak you cunt" - *Jack Leaves and slams the door, breaking one of the hinges*

*J presses the PTT and after a moment of silence, he speaks*

This is Jay of Vista, I've been instructed to make contact with the leaders of New Moon. Hopefully some one will catch this message.

*A couple seconds of static can be heard*

We're interested in talking some things out, specifically - common nuisances. We haven't had the pleasure of meeting you officially, which was probably for the best, however, as recent events have played out - we've realized that having a strong ally is much more beneficial than having a strong foe - *cough* less fun of course, but since other fellow groups have made attempts to contact you and discuss the same topics, we've decided to follow suite.

We'd like to set up a meeting, perhaps in Chernogorsk? I look forward to hearing back from you.

*J lets go of the PTT*

*Shoves the radio back into his vest, gets up and leaves through the door when he notices the broken hinge* " - Hey Jack! You broke my fucking door! "

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*Miller presses the PTT*

Under normal circumstances we wouldn't be allied with random people, but recent events have made things...complicated.

*He pauses*

We'll be in touch.

*He releases the PTT*

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