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Guest PixelBiscuit

My story so far: Edited with additions, thoughts?

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Guest PixelBiscuit

From the age of nine Eric Brookes was interested in the fantasy thinking of the dead rising again or more well known as zombification. He'd spend hours reading comics, watching TV shows and studying films all about the horror and his imagination just grew and grew. By 16 he left the subject of interest behind, not knowing that it would occur in years to pass. At school he was never appreciated being one of the fattest, greased filled buckets in his class. No one took interest but as soon as he landed a job in Channel 1: Direct , he picked up the fancy of a news reader named "Jenny Sawyer".

Eric Brookes is a tall but not mentally strong character. He relies on his wits and intelligence to get him out of sticky situations which boil up slowly as the world gets crazier. Eric has college degree and worked part time at the local news station. He has no military experience and misses his home and the crew which went out with him to Chernarus.

Eric Brookes was a camera man earning a small pay before the pandemic in Chernarus. He was loyal to his T.V company "Channel 1: Direct News" which was a fairly new and low budget company based in the rural town of Telford, England. The news station took a big gamble; It would travel overseas and delve into the subject of the "Chernarus infection". The company sent 2 camera men(one of which was Eric), Jenny Sawyer (A news reader and Eric's girlfriend) and a Audio technician. When they set off, Eric was nervous; he'd heard that the dead had "risen again" like in all the movies which he grew up watching. When they got to Chernarus they only filmed 30 minutes of footage. A very bleak 30 minutes. In a matter of moments; nerves turned to tears as women, children and men scarpered down the blood stricken streets with their oppressors (the so called infected) seeking their flesh from even miles away.

Through the infection, he and his team wandered through the wastelands; trekking for days over to the city of Elektro. The crew all walked together, camera and all, trying to by pass any crowds of infected people. Eric at that point procured a small gun, nothing big but something which would hold off anything which fancied a bite at the gore which surrounded him. The gun proved useful, but with his lack of skill with the weapon he had to use his knowledge of the science fiction which he grew up with as a child.

After the sound man was bitten, the rest slowly succumbed to the disease biting at their heels. It was hard for Eric, seeing the love of his life being dragged slowly into the abyss with the arms of the death clawing and biting at her gore stripped ankles. They never really talked...only from the moment when she pleaded to be redeemed; redeemed by the gun he had obtained through the mass panic. He fled Chernogorsk. After travelling far and wide he tried to look for groups which might take him in, but he found none.

The pistol soon broke; all defense against the world subtracted. He had nothing. Nothing to live for, nothing die for. There was no point. He had to get out of the country. He had some hope that the infection wouldn't spread back into England, so that was the way to go. All he had to do was get a boat down from Chernarus and sail the ocean blue all the way back to Whitby. It was far more complicated than that. Bandits ruled the coast line. Everything in their sight was theirs. Whole clans would patrol the coast and anyone who trespassed into their territory would be taken somewhere, most likely the woods, and execute them with no final words at the tip of their tongue.

With fear in his heart, Eric was forced to wander Chernarus, In hope that one day he'd find someone. Anyone. Someone that would help him get out of the country which had fallen into hell itself. He still holds the images in his head of the crew being savaged and cannibalized in front of his eyes and the whole city coming down with the infection. He suffers dreadfully from nightmares of the incidents which were imprinted in his mind, haunting him like unsettled corpse.

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