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I think it's that time of year.. [Open]

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*Cait sat at her desk, scribbling away with a red ballpoint pen on a piece of paper. She finished up, setting the card aside on the table in front of her. She'd pick up her radio and push the PTT down, pursing her lips before opening them to speak.*

"Uh, hello people, out there.. I don't know if you guys were keeping track- but I feel as if it's coming up to that time of the year, you know- uh... Valentines day."

*She'd pause, looking at the card infront of her, a small smile grew on her face.*

"So! Just, you know, remember to keep a little love in your hearts out there, despite the shitty situation we're all in. Doesn't matter if it's for friends, siblings or lovers. Have a little compassion these couple of days, we could all use it."

*She'd let her finger release from the PTT, staring out the window with glee in her eyes.*

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*Doctor West is neatly folding laundry as he hears Caitlyn's broadcast. He excitedly picks up his radio and responds, his voice full of enthusiasm*

How splendid! Also, I'd like everyone to be particularly careful as this time of year is also when we see a massive increase in reproduction and I think you know what I mean, VIRUSES! That's right, with love in the air there is often a massive increase in the transfer of saliva and other bodily fluids from person to person. So when you share a smooch with your sweetheart, please be mindful of that you are actually opening yourself up for a mouth full of Mononucleosis, commonly referred to as "Mono". Symptoms include high fever, a severe sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and tonsils, and weakness and fatigue.

Symptoms usually start four to six weeks after you are exposed to the virus. Also, just like love, mono is treatable, but there is no cure! Isn't that romantic? So if/when you inevitably contract some manner of virus or disease from this plague-ridden hellscape we live in, you can share it with your loved one!

Have a happy and safe Valentines Day from me, Doctor West!

*Putting down his radio with a smile on his face, West turns to the cabinet and opens it to evaluate the remaining supply for test kits for venereal disease*

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Enzo rubs the back of his neck with his right hand while holding the handheld radio, keeping his left one close to his body. He presses the push to talk button down and begins to reply.

"Huh, is that time already? I.. I honestly lost track of the day. I thought it must be least late Febbraio, maybe later."

Enzo falls back in a seated position on the bed, his back against the wall. You can hear him inhale sharply over the radio, and grunt out an exhale as he continues talking.

"Love- love is funny. Even in these day- these shitty fuckina day, people seem to find love. Eh... Whatever keep you going."

"Me, I'ma only love one thing right now. Someone to look at my arm e maybe some pain med. E, if no too much trouble, some one to watch my back again when I need. Last time some one say they have a woman to match me up with, they take off with the payment they ask for, so I'ma pretty sure when you can no even buy love, is no gonna fuckin happen for me."

An audibly exhausted sigh can be heard before Enzo finishes.

"Maggio i fuochi del tuo amore che mantenere felice e caldo, e per il resto di noi possono avere noi il vino. May the fires of your love keep you happy and warm, and for the rest of us may we have wine. Right now, I settle for painkiller. Salute."

The radio fails from Enzo's right hand on to the bed beside him.

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* Clicks a little to himself while he thinks of a response.  Then slowly begins to speak in a broken Irish accent. *


Well now, haven't heard that for years.  Mostly because I keep to myself.  But if it is of consequence to anyone listening, Happy Singles Awareness week!

* he chuckles and releases the button *

* the radio comes back to life with a hasty explanation *

Oh shyte that came out wrong.  I didn't mean...  well I meant..... ahh frak I put my foot in my mouth on that one.....

* silence *

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Ewan is listening to the radio and hears someone mention valentines and chuckles holding ptt

In a deep mighty scottish accent

Who's wanting pumped then Laughs hysterically

He calms himself 

Good luck to all you lonely fellows out there remember dont be getting nasty with the dead ones 

He releases ptt chuckling and starts looking for his drinking mug 

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*Ryan sits in the safehouse, staring at a small Polaroid picture of himself and Elena in his hand. He sighs and takes his radio into his hand, pushing down the PTT*

Valentines day... huh

*he looks up at the others, laughing while playing cards around the table. He smiles as he watches Woods and Vanessa, and Kibuka with Luna before going back to his radio*

Well, happy valentines day... I guess

*He releases the PTT and places the radio back on the table. He then folds the picture into his bag and stands up, walking over to the others and joining in the game*

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-User was warned for this post-

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*Jason presses down the PTT, transmitting a blank, crackling signal for a few seconds as he seems at a loss for words for a moment. When he speaks, it's gruff and brief*

..Happy Valentine's Day.


I forgot it even existed.

* he releases the PTT and mechanically returns the radio to his vest as he looks out into the rest of the forest from atop a large arm of a tall tree, far out of normal view*

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*Todd would stumble around, knocking his bag off the counter, the contents spilling out, and the radio would flick on ptt from the impact*

*Rummaging and slurred complaints can be heard*

Fuchk.. W-whered I stasshh the rest of it,...Evem my boozze betrayed me..

Whatt a wonder-ful hol-

*Suddenly Todd would trip and smash his head against the counter, knocking himself unconscious*

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The conversation bringing life back to Jenny's radio makes her smile.

" Nice West... While you are at it, keep your guard up for those nasty STDs. Most condoms durability is five years so don't fall for those weak excuses. Happy valentines... "

She releases the PTT.

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*Danny hearing the radio transmission pushes down the PTT*

What a wonderful time of year for love and happiness

Fucking hell if its February that means I am 53

Now Miss I do not know what you are talking about , STD`s do not exist , just like global warming N the fact smoking is bad for you,

Well I have used that one a few times 

*you hear a gruffled laugh*

Have a good one



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Henry picks up his radio and holds down the PTT.

"Shit! That reminds me! I need a girl in my life!               ...or a guy, hmm....  MACK!?"

Henry runs off in search of Mack, trying to get a date for valentines day, even though he's a bit late.

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*Damien is helping Joseph Thomas through the "accidental" death of his property Barbro Bagge. As Damien has the radio on him, the broadcast can be heard by Joseph Thomas. Damien witnesses Joseph Thomas removing the barricaded closet door of where the four day old rotting corpse of Barbro Bagge lays, and witnesses Joseph laying next to Barbro's corpse. Damien transmits via his radio*

Eh, well... I mean, the dead *Grunts and scratches his head* Meh... Nevermind.

*Damien ends the transmission, shuts the closet door, and hears a "thunk"*

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*Sat next to Sonjas grave with a small bottle of whiskey, he'd pour two glasses and place one on her grave infront of the cross*

"Hearing this I got straight back to her for the day, appreciate the update for the date now I can actually keep track."

*He'd knock the two glasses together and takes a sip, placing the bear he took from her backpack along side the glass he'd continue to drink*

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*Jacket, Listening through the frequency out of his own curiosity yet keeping himself silent most of the time, Pondering to himself the actual necessity of discussing such topic, He mutters to himself "Love...", Suddenly after hearing some of the comments from the few individuals that actually responded, Before pressing down the PTT button and speaking with a bidder dry tone*






*He releases the PTT button shortly after, Letting out a rough sigh, He drops the radio aside of him carelessly, Falling into thoughts*



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