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Desert Hawk

Holding up a Bambi (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

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So about 5 days ago I was playing DayZ Standalone as I usually do...considering its one of the one 2 games I own. I was on the coast fully geared, USMC Woodland Fatigues(2 sets), 2 high capacity vests, two ballistic helmets, and an M4. While on the coast I run into a bambi in which I greet then tell to get on the ground, gun aimed at him. He cooperated and asked me, "Are you gonna kill me?" I didn't reply to that question but made him promise me he'd make the DayZ server better, and proceeded to commit suicide. I allowed the fresh spawn to take all my loot hoping he'd keep his promise and kill any bastardy bandits and maybe give a friend or fellow bambi some of the loot I had. For those who read, and actually care to make DayZ better, I'm happy to see people that will help out randoms adn that is one reason why DayZ was the first game i bought, I bought it for the interaction with people and high hopes I'd make a few friends throughout my travels of Chernarus. Wish those who are playing DayZ after or before reading this, good luck and think twice before you brain that bambi running down the coast from Elektro to Kamy, or vice versa.

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Going on about Public servers I'm guessing? Other than that I don't really know what I say...

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But when you f11 your gun glitches and cant be picked up, so you just gave that guy a bunch of clothes.

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