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To the pagans (private)

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Tia is sitting by a tree in the woods in a bad way south of where she parted ways from the group after the gun shots started flying over them She wipes her tears and holds ptt

I dont think i will be back for a while pagans im not cut out for all of this shooting and fighting

She holds the bullet wound on her thigh and flinches 

I may be back in the future but i need to take it easy for a while im all shot up and i feel like shit She coughs

Siggy i will you some time in the future hopefully 

She sighs releasing ptt and starts patching her self up 

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*Dallas, patching himself up for the 100th time, lifts his new radio up to respond to the bullshit he just heard.*

"Bitch, you'll get back in the damn fight right fuckin' now."


"Ya think we're all cut out for this shiet? Hell, most of us are used to controllin' the streets back in the states, but this? This is way bigger, Tia. I don't care what the hell you are, get your property ass back in the fight."

*He goes back to tending to his wounds.*

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10 minutes ago, Marcoooz said:


Tia tries to stand but falls back down she decides to respond Holds ptt

Listen Dallas i physically cant im in a bad way im lost I've only been in this country for a couple months i think i'd be lucky to be getting shot at least i would know there is other people close by 

She sighs and wipes tears

Im sorry i cant deal with it all at the moment and this property shit is driving me mad as well it breaks me every day and its just get worse everyday i go on now.

Tia sighs releasing ptt taking the property patch off her jacket

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