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Hello @Daisy (private frequency)

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*Alec enters a log cabin after an endless day of hiding and fighting infected, he starts a fire trying to get dry and warm, while he starts cooking some meat he takes out his backpack a bottle of whiskey he found and gives it a long drink, tunes Daisy radio frequency and prrsses the ptt*

Hi Daisy, I hope you are listening to this and you are ok. It was a terrible and long day after I met you, I had to change plans whilst heading north, I had to deviate because I came across a huge infected horde, I managed to kill a lot of them but I was running out of energy so I used what I have left to run like hell and hide. 

*he has some more whisky *

I'm not even sure where am I now, didn't come across anyone alive but be really careful on you way, have you got any clue where are you? 

Stay safe and please tell me if I can help you somehow 

*releases the ptt and he faints with the bottle on his hand *



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*Daisy startles up in surprise when she hears her name throught the radio. A bit confused she listens to the message and takes her radio to answer*

"Hi ... ehm ... Alec, right? I am fine, I'm still in ... Gorka? .... the town you left me. I killed some chicken here and I had no need to leave this place, not so far.

Are you all right? Did the infected hurt you?"

*Transmission ends*

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