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To all the allies of the pagans and club friends [private frequency]

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SillyGoose    210

*Joe picks up his radio after being yelled at by damien to make a transmission to all the friends of the pagans*

*he picks up his radio after looking at the bucket that took barbro's life*

*he presses the PTT and start to read of a paper in a monotone voice*

Umm, Hello everyone. This is Joe speaking. The Vice President of Pagans MC.

I regret to inform you all that one of our own Barbro Bagge has passed.

*He pauses and releases the PPT to look at damien and says*


*He presses the PTT*

We found her lying in our clubhouse. Bucket in her head, at the bottom of the stairs. Arm broken. Right next to a bottle of whiskey.

*He pauses*

We invite you all to come to the funeral and Memorial of Barbro. 

It will be held at The lake of prud later today,

Hope you will all come and make this horrible event not so horrible.

*he pauses and releases the PTT*


Dallas: No, read out the last part.

*He presses the PTT*

May god rest her soul...

*he releases the PTT*


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