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To Eli (Private Freq 106.9)

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*Lucas sits down on his bed and reaches for the radio while looking at his wounded friend laying down on the other bed*

*Lucas slowly pressing the PTT on the radio*

"Eli?... I don't have much information for today. The only information I have for you today is that we met one guy by the military compound South/West of Kabanino."

*Lucas releases the PTT while trying to remember the name of the guy in the compound*

*Lucas presses the PTT again*

"I think his name was Victor. He gave us some ammo. We did not get very much information about him. I saw him running towards Vybor when we left the area"

*Lucas releases the PTT* 

*Lucas lays down on his bed and closes his eyes while thinking about what happend today*

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Eli surprised the men he robbed actually listened to him presses down the PTT

Oh uhm, alright uh, good good. keep it up I don't want to have to find you later.

Eli releases the PTT

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*Dan changes his radio to the frequency he was given and pushes down the PTT*

Hello... Eli? I am friends with Lucas and Zack and I understand you have a disagreement with the 101? If this is correct I believe we can help each other. We are willing to put that distasteful encounter behind us and think of it as a sort of tribute in order to build our relations so we may perhaps work together in the future to achieve a common goal. If not *Dan looks down and thinks of what to say* Um, well, I guess we have nothing else to discuss.

*Dan looks down at the floor once more and keeps the radio on but release the PTT, he ponders whether he had endangered his friends live's by speaking out and hopes not, he needed his revenge against the 101...*

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Eli hears the transmission 

Ay, I am a businessman I guess, depends on what is, you have my frequency so set up a location and time,

Myself and my goons will be happy to talk.

Eli ends his trnasmission 

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*Dan takes out his radio and pushes down the PTT*

Obviously after our last encounter we are cautious. But we are happy to meet somewhere near Novy Sobor in the next few hours. Does this suit you? I would like to say, we don't have any real info about the 101, but we are happy to help if you need it.

*He releases the PTT and rubs his eyes*

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