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An old "Friend" [Old Pagan Private Frequency]

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*Ryan stops off in a house, reloading the magazine of his rifle and grinning to himself slightly. He takes out his radio and his notepad, scrolling through it until he finds the frequency named "Pagan Priv". He tunes the frequency and pushes down the PTT*

So... Damien

*He pulls up a chair and sits down*

I'm sure by now you have been updated on todays current events. Your prospect Frank broke Bylaw 17 so that we could make this arrangement, so lets hope it was worth the effort. I will update you of the terms of our new agreement though, just incase he misses some of the details 

*He clears his throat*

So firstly, you will end all your attempts to intimdate the hidden garden. Their contract with you has now ended, and they are free to continue operating without selling your product. If they decide they want to sell your product, it will be under their own descretion and not contract bound.

Secondly, you will repay them for the damages you caused. That being nailing one of their men to a tree. This repayment will consist of the medical supplies they would have required to sew back their mans hand, plus weapons and ammunition as a sort of appology, and a new start in your business together. You have 24 hours to repay them with this

Lastly, you will stop the production and sale of "Pagan Purple." The market for the sales of drugs is now being owned by the Gamblers and Black Skull, and Mogawimbe sunshine is a lot better than the shit you sell

*He stands up and takes his rifle from the table*

Make sure you remind yourself of what happened today, before you decide to go against these demands.

Have a good day

*He releases the PTT and slides the radio back into his pocket. He then heads out of the house and continues down the road*


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