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Good evening, gentlemen.

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((Hello there, my name is Luinky and ive come here because i enjoy the RP. Some of my friends enjoy it to and thats why we are gonna try and join you all in here. Im part of the TOW clan (some of you might know us if you play samatra Wasteland). It would be nice to be part of a community that doesnt KoS for once, and enjoy some good roleplay before anything happens.

Hope to see you all in-game. If someone here knows latin, i need help with my story))

"I am Luis, or Luinky like my brothers usually call me, i am a mexican priest. I used to live in the USA but then got expelled from the church because i am a occultist. I was being escorted to a secret facility in Ukraine where i was to be judged by the church, but our plane suffered a malfunction and crashed about 100km northwest of Lopatino. The crew, the rest of the passangers and myself managed to survive thanks to the teachings of Tonic, our deity... my new god.

Our lord provides us with new names, and requires a certain amount of human sacrifices to lend us his blessing; so every night we had to pick the weakest one in our herd and offer their life to our god... until only the strongers within our group survived, and now we venture into this new territory called Chernarus, to satisfy our Lord with new sacrifices...

Sit finis vitae, ita incipere possunt."

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Thank you for the recommendations, i was just gonna copy paste it for the whitlist in a few hours.

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Guest Alfie

Welcome, I hope I see you again ;D!

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