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A man with ammo: Message to all traders [Open Frequency]

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*McCoy thumbs through his bag looking for his radio. After finding it he takes a quick inventory of his bag before pressing the PPT button*

" Hello? This thing working? Well...if anyone can hear me, my name is Brian McCoy. This is  a message to any traders or people in need of supplies. I have recently come across a good amount of ammunition, magazines and a few different scopes. The ammo ranges from AKM to 5.56, and more. Several magazines and scopes for any weapon you require. If you are interested in trading, we can discuss more in detail. The items will be stashed in a secret location until a deal is made..."

*McCoy heads back into the woods to the location of the stash..*

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*Daithi, intrigued, pulls himself up from his makeshift bed, grabbing his radio. The message comes across slightly static but he can understand the message. Pressing the PTT*

Aye, I'm always in need of ammunition because of my profession. Do you operate out of somewhere or can we make a meeting point? What are you looking for as payment. Oh and we can probably get something going on a slightly more private frequency if need be.

*radio silence*

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