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To those interested in working in radio.

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[Chris rests down his firearm by his side on the rugged and stained carpet of the Altar studio. He plucks his walkie talkie from his upper jacket pocket, gripping it firmly in his clammy hands, until ultimately pressing down the PTT]

"Gooood Morning South Zagoria! *chuckles* I'm afraid even one line from my voice, is enough to prove that I'm not a viable radio personality...but hey! That is the reason for this current broadcast. We, at Altar AM are seeking out not only reporters, but also more radio hosts! We are currently working with an incredibly small crew in the studio at the moment, of only myself and Jimmy Craft. Quite literally the bare bones of what we need to actually function as a show; a disc jockey and a part-time host."

[He takes brief moment to catch his breath, before continuing]

"Whether you fancy hosting a more serious style, with theatrical classical music, or some more upbeat funk with comedic intervals - we're willing to take you on as long as you have the motivation and dedication required. Also, this message goes out to those already broadcasting their own shows, as we're fully aware we're not alone in this industry. So, an offer to those currently working in it; we'd love to cooperate to make something wonderful on a far grander scale. It would be a pleasure to work alongside you fellas!"


"Either way, if you're interested just let me know, and we can organise a time to meet and further discuss our schedule. I'll be broadcasting this message every three hours for the next day or so."

[He releases the PTT, eagerly awaiting responses]

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