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To Ex-Horsemen [Old Horsemen Freq Private]

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*He'd throw a couple more logs into the fireplace , before taking a seat by it and pull out a bright blue armband. He'd sigh slightly and pull his radio out of his pocket , setting it to the Old Horsemen frequency as he presses the PTT down*

''T-This is Roland Woods broadcasting to all Horsemen, I know some of you or most of you don't like me and I understand but this isn't about me''

*He'd pause for a minute , with his voice sounding exhausted*

''Kelsie Winslow is dead , I don't know how or who did it, I didn't get a proper response she is buried in Sinistok next too one of her close friends. Now Matt is the one who sent me this message he is assumed dead, I'm still trying to find him around the Sinistok area..''

*He'd set the radio down for a bit , sighing again*

''Austin if you can hear this , I-I'm sorry for your loss...''

*He'd release the PTT button and put the radio on the ground ,unzipping his backpack he pulls out Kelsie's Ukelele. He'd tie the bright blue armband around it and put it back into his backpack, smiling a little*

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*Malakai sits on the edge of a building in Novigrad as he hears the staticy transmission*

"Woods? Shit dude.. nice to hear from you. It's a shame about Kelsie, I never really knew her but I know how much she meant to Austin."

*He pauses and takes a drag of his last cigarette as he looks at his old horseman armband*

"Guess we all gotta go at somepoint.."

*He flicks his ciggie butt off the edge of the building, followed by his green and blue armbands*


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*Tex takes a chug of Whiskey and begins transmitting*

"Hey man. Haven't heard from you in a while. You serious? Is Kelsie really dead? The fuck happened? And what happened to Matt? Shit man. Let me know if you need any help."

*He stops transmitting and takes another chug before whispering to himself*

Fuck there goes another one.

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*Roosky grabs his radio and begins to transmit*

This is a bittersweet moment for me, I had no idea if any others survived until I received this message. However once again I find myself losing one of my own. Austin, there's nothing I can say that will make any of this better, You have to live on in her name. I feel as if I don't have much time left myself. considering I have about 4 bullet wounds to look after. Regardless of who is with who, or what side of a war you are on. You are all still my brothers and sisters, and I will refuse until the day I die to fight any of you. I don't expect any of you to forgive me for disappearing out of thin air, but I had to. If any of you need help, or anything for that matter, you all know my private frequency.

*He stops transmitting, puts his radio on the desk and lifts up his shirt to check on his wounds*

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*Gabe grabs his radio and looks at it for a second breathing heavily and presses the PTT*

Kelsie? Fuck.... No..... As soon as you get more information transmit back please so we can find whoever the fuck did this to her and make it fucking even. Im not going to let this fucking fly not a god damn chance. 

*His hands start to shake and he throws the radio onto the ground*


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*Fox, shocked by what she just heard, jumps out of her bed and falls down on her knees next to her bag, rummaging through it with shaking hands*

No.. No, no, no..

*After eventually finding her radio, she holds it with both of her hands, staring at it for a good minute, hoping for it to just be one of many nightmares. She hears the voices of her friends and realises what happened. She lifts the radio up to her mouth and presses the PTT, sitting there, tearing up, not saying a word. After a couple of seconds which seemed to be like eternity, she takes a deep breath and speaks with a weak voice*

Kelsie is.. dead? How in the world.. I.. don't understand..

*She releases the PTT. Still shaking, she takes out her hunting knife and slowly starts tapping the wooden floor with the tip of it when suddenly her eyes widen and she ramms the tip of the knife in the wood so the knife would be stuck to the ground*


*She presses the PTT once again*

Austin? Are you listening? Please tell me you are, please..

*She releases the PTT and puts the radio next to the knife, waiting for any sign of life from Austin*

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*Roger hears this over the old frequency and responds*


"Its simple, I killed Kelsie. She had it coming and thats that."


*Roger Releases the PTT*

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*Jesse stumbles inside his cabin throwing a few empty bottles behind him as he grabs his radio and presses down the PTT*

"Never thought I'd hear from this frequency again...Another one bites the dust, seems like death is coming for us all and all we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride."

*He pauses for a moment in order to swallow a few pills, he then drops to the ground finding a bottle of whiskey which he takes  a hefty chug from*

"Austin, Gabe, Fox, Tex..And whoever else is listening, don't do anything rash and stupid now..You can't bring her back, just let it go..I know it's hard but you need to try, revenge wont solve it..But.."

*He pauses once more in order to chug some more from his bottle, before he lies down on the cold wooden floor closing his eyes slowly*

"...If that's what you want, then fuck it..I'm in.."

*He releases the PTT and throws the radio careless away*

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*He'd be sitting in his house at Rogovo, as he's presses down the PTT button*

''When I find anything out , any leads I'll broadcast them as soon as possible.''

*He'd release the PTT button and l walk back to the bed where Vanessa is sleeping*

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*Charlie walks into an abandoned house, checks out the windows to make sure its clear. He would place his rifle up against the wall and take out a bottle of water, pouring it onto his hands and arms, washing off some blood. He then takes out his radio, changing the frequency and holding down the PTT*

Gabe told me the news, some shit to come back to.

*He pulls the radio away from his mouth for a moment, and takes a breath before continuing* 

Always thought she'd outlive me and Matt to be honest, but hey, times change. Woods come find me some time soon, I'm back and I think we need to talk.

*He releases the PTT and places it on the table as he grabs a chair, sits down and kicks his feet up on the table*

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*Hearing the transmission and some friendly voices over the radio, Wiseguy Harawira of the Mighty Mongrel Mob pressed down his push-to-talk and began to speak in his distinctive Maori accent.*

"Aww nah bro, what the fuck g that sucks aye. Damn only met that bitch like, once, but she was like sweet as aye -- oi, bad luck to my bro Austin."

"Life is a mata usi, aye bros?"

*Wiseguy ended his transmission and reached into his pocket, pulling out some pingas which he looked at for a moment before shoving them in his mouth.*

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