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Eliane please Answer me [open]

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Rose walks outside the small house and into the rain, she looks up at the sky and lets it wash over her face for a moment before pulling out her radio and pressing the PTT to speak, her voice shaky and tired.

"Eliane... if you can hear this, if you are still alive answer me... Please Eliane. Everyone else keeps coming back and you have to too, please just please don't be dead, not like this Eliane. I'm sorry I am so damn sorry for what happened the last time we talked, I deserved the shot in the leg, and yes even the kick in the head. What I did was not right and I don't blame you for being angry with me when that happened. I meant to radio you so much sooner but always just put it off, I was scared that you would just not answer or would still be angry, Logan needs you, hell I need you to be alive, I need you to be okay please Eliane, even if you don't want to answer on this frequency you have my private one, you know how to reach me and I told you I would always answer. I know I said some shitty things that day but I'm sorry you didn't deserve what I said to you and none of it was true. I do consider you family and god knows I always have, you were one of the few, no you ARE one of the few I do because I know you cant just be dead not like this."

Her voice trails off for a moment before she continues.

"Please Eliane just be alive, be okay and let me know you are, if your injured call me you know I will always come and help. So please don't be dead, not like this Eliane..."

She releases the PTT and sits down against the wall under the roof to shield her from most of the rain as she lights a cigarette and holds her radio tight in her hand hoping for a reply.



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