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To my fellow beach bums and friends [Private Freq]

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*You hear a out of breath and panicked voice across the frequency.*

Hey guys. Its Oliver. Im down here at the coast. Pretty fu*ked up man. I was sleeping in a bush and some infected took a chunk out of my neck. I knew it was over as it happened. I tried finding all you. But I was running out of time. So I came back down here to get one last glimpse of the water. *He winces in pain*

Its been a great few days with all of you. Naomi it sucks we didn't get to go on that date. But shit happens. Keep your head up.

Joseph, thanks for teaching me about trading. You never stop being who you are.

Get a message to Taco. Let him know it was awesome meeting him and he clearly copied my style *He laughs*

Ill see you all on the other side, Amigo's

*He clicks off his radio and watches the waves hit the shore. As he slowly closes his eyes.*



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*Pinky looks shocked as he brings his radio up to respond*
Oliver I-... We will never forget you over here...
*Pinky chokes up as he continues*
You were a great person, even for how little we got to see of you...
I'll make sure your legacy goes on.... Amigo!

*Pinky goes to put his radio in his backpack, and finds the kiwi he was saving for Oliver as a tear drops onto it.*

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