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Sylvester Todd

How many times have you been a hostage?

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Simple as that, I'm wondering how often have you all been held hostage and tortured and all that jazz.

I myself have been captured some, though no real harm has usually come to me. usually. Normally I somehow get out of it, whether it be by luck, skill or accident

1-There was one time back when I was first getting into RP, I used to roll around with Smixxa and Hatch occasionally,  and I was chased by Pat and some others at the time, eventually held up and robbed quickly, they argued about what to do with me before they decided I wasn't involved and let me free, stumbled away and a pal of mine sniped at them. this was close to the NWAF

2-Second time it was with Yuri Dragunuv, I was trying to relay a message to him, that some guy I ram into was looking for him to kill him, they took this and misconstrued it that I was looking to kill him. They took myself, Doc Lee, and I think @Payne, we could have attempted to slip out of there as we weren't exactly tied up, but I was the only one they didn't check for a weapon, so I had a shotgun on my person, debated whether or not I should blow the head off his shoulders and make for the door at the prison building at the Vybor Military, I decided not to, because thats just a bad idea. This was was still early in my RP days before I started terrorizing people, I could still run around with my mask on and no one would care.

3-The third time or so was when I was held up by some guys in dresses on the NWAF who called themselves the bandit bitches, two of them were walking with me for a bit then turned on me and held me up, I comply, and then two more come and hold them up, and then they all drop the act after a bit and all four of them slap on dresses and say you just got robbed by the bandit bitches and bolted after taking my shit. I was confused, but entertained, least they didn't take the mask off my face.

4-Now this was when I had started the clowns, and we'd been around for maybe a month or two and we ended up in a war with the regulator=s. I was held up by the regulators, I bolted as quickly as I could and my guys ended up getting gatted for the most part, some survived ,I got knocked out on my way out of GM, and they cuff me. They didn't even get to bring me away as they hadn't bandaged me and I bled out.

5-This time I had been captured by I can't quite remember, but I was dragged up to a castle by a town I forget because I'm an idiot, but Ender was there and he ended up cutting my chest seven times and hitting me with a bat seven times and then left me. Short "torture" sesh, I spose. But it wasn't bad. This was maybe in... June? I want to say..

6-And then the last time was when I was captured by the zbor? Or svatne? probably for that other time too. But Uh I was brought up north and I was punched every now and then, and yelled at alot they tried to get me to admit to who I was and say who I was with, me being me I chose cartoon character names or made them up and lied about my group, until eventually Joffrey came there and convinced them not to do anything and that I'd work with them to cleanse chernarus of scum. I promptly agreed, and left as they let me go, I then ran off and continued doing my shenanigans.

Theses all happened in about a 2 year span, and theres been other attempts to get me, but it usually ends with me shooting, hauling ass, or both


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Four times.

* Early 2015 by Renegades
* Mid 2015 by Dveri/Volki - executed
* Late 2015 by Saoirse
* Last Sunday by randoms

Four times in ~1600 hours on RP ain't bad.

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DayZRP Mod (4 Times)-

  • x2 By SVR. Both while RPing a neutral, pacifist character at Solace as Dr. Ryan Black.
  • x2 By SDS. Both while accidentally bumping into a road-block at night when driving without NVG's.

DayZRP SA (~5 Times)-

  • x2 By the Gamblers. Once in Kamenka when we ran into an ambush for them in like the ending of 2015-ish, and another 3-4 days ago at NWAF.
  • x1 By Saoirse v2, when they rolled with the Gamblers to catch us at Kamenka.
  • x1 By Funeral Parlor (Original) with Jarvis Crimson (<3) capturing me to save me from other hostile people. 
  • x1 By a random, who was killed a few minutes later when my over-watch finally caught up. He stole my aviators and was promptly shot in the face, so I lost them.

*Note: These are my DayZRP main characters, not any of my side-characters. I very seldom play them, so there's probably at maximum 6-7 more times additional, but I've probably forgotten or can't remember these incidents. 


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Like four times:

 By the clowns back late 2015

 By Black Sky (real meme)

By some filthy heathens who drop sec'd my ass, one of them not wearing pants

By 101 I believe who tried to shoot me without demands soon as shots were fired


I've been initiated on more times then I can count but that yeah.

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Got taken a few times in my time here, can't really remember most of them which goes to show how good where the encounters :P

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Probably taken hostage about 5-6 times but I'm not too sure.

  • By the Pestilence Brotherhood during my first week on the server which @Covert always apologises for.
  • By some randoms on the NWAF during my Gamblers days.
  • By the Gamblers as part of Cerna Liska before my buddies saved me and @Emile.
  • By the Horsemen during my first day as part of F11.

The others I forget, mightn't have even happened. Maybe they'll come back to me sometime.

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die die never comply

3x in 501st

1x Masquerade

1x Akrasia (V1)

EDIT: Give or take one or two

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I've only been held hostage once in standalone for more than a couple minutes that I can remember. Back in 2015. It was me, Jimmy and aleks on Russian alts  that got captured by 20 Blackwood and redwater cartel before being released when neszy came and told them to let us go. Obviously we left aleks behind. 

Other than that I haven't gotten taken for long enough to be considered a hostage. Either they drop dead or they've let me go within a minute or two without stealing anything. 

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x1 Crows (Charlie Skinner, Anthony Miller, Some bloke named 'Patriot')

x2 Masquerade (Both times by Chase Williams, Lee Gates, Parker Hunt and other company)

x1 Trust (Fuckin' ALL of them plus Slade from the Crows.)

x1 Funeral Parlor (Maddie Murdock, Kieth Steele and Thomas Heim.)

x1 Pestilence Brotherhood WITH Funeral Parlor. (Jay Wong, Batok Henry and other company allegedly assisted by Alyssa Morgan of Alcyone and Micky Jonas of the ex-Crows.)

x1 New Moon (Unknown members.)

x1 Saoirse (Unknown members.)

x1 Convicts (Unknown members.)

x1 Jackals (Seymour, Moody and other company)

x2 Reapers (Can't remember but it was the same guy twice, with company.)

x1 Horsemen (Unknown members.)

x1Container 21 (Unknown members, and I was quickly rescued by Johnny Denver who told them I was 'all good'. Still took half my shit.)

xGod-only-knows by Every-other-cunt-and-his-dog.

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Several times since I joined DayZRP August 2016, to be honest, but the times I remember best is:

  • When I was going to take a backpack from Haven (Without knowing it was Haven's Camp) and they find me when I had the backpack in my hands so they were going to make me pay for what I have done but before they could do that a group called 101 saved me in the last second.
  • Grisha Petrov has captured me several times because of the few people I've played with and sometimes it was interesting and annoying RP.
  • I met a man north of Lapotino close to the "bus station" and the man was trying to force me to go with him to New Moon (Probably to use me as a slave), but some friends came and scared off the man.
  • Two cannibals captured me and were going to "play with me" but they decided to release me after they had talked with the people I was with.

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Back in mod I used to be a hostage like 3 times a week and I would sometimes get captured solely to experience the RP and I would enjoy it immensely.

On Stand Alone I have been playing for a good while now and the only two times I have been robbed were incredibly recently and that was Vernost and the saviors and that was more questioning me, realizing they are talking to the completely wrong dude and then just tell me to leave lol.

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The only memorable hostage experience I have is with V2 reapers way back in late 2015. I had unwittingly been traveling with them whilst talking massive amounts of shit about the reapers, so they initiated and were going to execute me for it. I asked if I could fist fight one of them to live, won the fist fight, and was then shotgunned anyway.  Kinda sucked they killed me even after winning but live and let live yah know.

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Probably 3 times. 2 of them caused reports and 1 time I talked my way out when they didn't want problems with my friends.

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Majority of the times was around the 2015-2016 time by Clowns, Wong and his boys, and Gamblers. But recently no one has taken me hostage 

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The times I have been taken hostage has not been many but the quality has been good. I haven't been a hostage for about half a year though...

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Maybe once or twice that I don't remember?

And once by a couple of Gamblers.

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First ever time was my first day on the server by SVR at NWAF, I initiated on one of their guys who wouldn't talk to me so I shot him dead. They then caught up to me by taking my legs out with a KSVK.

Once by this lad @Sylvester Todd over by bash. Post played inside man and shot him dead, freeing me. I kept his mask for over a month as a trophy.

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Five or six times. The most memorable one happened around 2 years ago, a few days after I joined the community, when I initiated on someone who was part of The Family. A few minutes after that more people showed up as we were making our escape and  we got initiated on and captured. In the end I was forced to have a machete fight to the death with my brother. We both died in the end.

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A lot mainly because I'm usually open to going in and talk first. I love playing solo too, and it usually ends up going poorly. I've lost count how many robbery situations I been in, they are often forgotten about quickly though. From things I can remember:

 I was held up by  two foreign guys that spoke barely any English in Vybor, was stripped naked, and laid there for 10 minutes in dead silence. They ended up getting banned.

Initiated when driving a truck with Bruce and Whip by Reapers. They then took our guns and handed us off to randoms. They ended up getting banned.

Some really weird cringe RP up at Stary Yar by ToeZ and someone else. Didn't really make any sense, pretty much just voided it.

Once in Svatyne I was taken hostage in Kabanino by Gamblers. I was in some brown log cabin with Whip (Gambler), just joking around, one of our guys walks in and goes, "Hey, uhh.." And just guns down Whip, and then two others. It was pretty hilarious from my view. 

Overall most of my hostage experiences been very short, and very meh.

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I don't get taken hostage much, my most memorable was by Svatyne back in the Svatyne/Gambler war, Svatyne had full on exaction on me along with Liska, but due to some Svatyne being ex Gamblers it ended with a beating, Glad to cause I was ready to perma. 

Back when I was Volki and convicts decided to take like 30 people hostage in Dolina.

Them irish fucks <3 back with Blackwood, Nothing like being stabbed by Jimmy.


The rest, I barely remember, usually just 10 sec drop weps grab run away.



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I believe four or five times in Standalone

Horsemen (x2)

Jango (x1)

New Moon (x1)

AWWB (x1)

Grisha Petrov and the Russian Army ;) (x1)

I may be leaving out others but they were honestly not memorable enough to even worth listing.

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16 minutes ago, Post said:


@Post you conveniently forgot this legendary hostage situation you were in, my all time favorite.



Then there was that week you were initiated on and invalidly executed like 4 days in a row by 4 different people. I would have felt bad if it wasn't so funny.

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Ah, yeah. Like I said I get in so many brief hold-ups they blend together in one. My YouTube is 90% robberies.

I was going to try to find the video that got you permabanned to meme you, but these new forums stink. You're lucky.


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