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Some extra rules for group wars

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Okay so i was lying in my bet yesterday and for some unclear reason to me i though if i fought in a war, and be on a battle maybe an unlucky shot could take my life and how my psychology would be before heading to fight and to be frank i didn't feel so well considering what i could loose if i died.

From my prespective we can have some short better RP regarding groups going to war with each other so here are some rules i have though

1st) If a character dies during a war he will be perm death.
-This way we can enforce more VFL (value for life)  and a real cause to go and risk your life
- A group leaders death can lead to some awesome RP with his companions grieving
-Serious Rpers will take into account their morale

2ond) The player who died he may create another character and if he wants to join the group he will have to wait for 8 hours before his new character can join(maybe more)
-This way a group leader will value more his companions life before committing them to a firefight
-This will make a war more tactical having to deal with a war with a certain amount of men
-It will encourage the need for mercenaries

                                                                                    With these two  rules in mind maybe we can achieve
 A group leaders death and during a disadvantage players of the loosing team should surrender (reasson VFL) 
More realistic progression of the war
More RP
Probably we completely erase NVFL  in a war situation

So what do you guys think about this. I know it's a bit hardcore , but we cant go with a happy go lucky mood into a war

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This server lucks from realistic rules. I love your idea for multiple reasons. The most important is that if there is a group war and people die and die and keep killing the same people over again there is no sense on that. i kill the guy from the enemy team that i killed again last day, by that  this war will never ends if the numbers of the groups never fall.

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