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Logan [Private]

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*Rose picks up her radio from where she had thrown it after hearing of Eliane's death and sighs softly, she walks out of the small barn and into the trees before leaning against one and lighting a cigarette. She takes a long drag off it and turns her radio to Logan's frequency before pressing down the PTT her voice rough from crying*


"Logan, I know you probably don't want to hear from me right now, god knows what you are feeling right now. But I want you to know I am sorry about Eliane, She was a good person. I'm here if you need me okay? I know how hard it is to lose someone you love, so don't do this alone, you NEED people and support. My radio is always on and I said it before too, if you ever need me I am only a single radio call away and I will find a way to you."


*She releases the button and takes a few breaths to calm herself before continuing*

"I know things ended badly and I have kinda fallen off the radar for a long while, but don't forget in here for you, and the rest of the trust as well okay? Take care of yourself Logan and call if you ever EVER need me."


She releases the PTT and clips her radio back to her belt before looking up at the sky and letting herself slide to the ground against the tree*


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*Rain drips from the rain coat he wears, thunder echoing in the distance. As he walks blood drips onto his jeans as he pulls his radio from his belt.*

"I... Appreciate the sentiment... But... I failed... I failed her as a brother... She... Left me some things... Found our camp and left them in our tent... That meant that she was close... close enough that when I found them I could have found her..." *Off somewhere to the right of the radio's receiver comes a growl and shuffling of feet.* "I... I had 8 directions... and maybe a hour our two... or more behind... I COULD HAVE FOUND HER!" *The shuffling of feet get louder till a gun shot rings out, and something hits the floor with a thud, the rain enveloping the background. His voice returns, hurt and saddened in tone.* "I... promised I would protect her... And... I didn't..."

*Logan lets go of the button, walking still with the radio in hand, rain pouring over him, recent wounds dripping blood on the insides of his clothing, and a trail of corpses of infected behind him.*

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*Rose wipes her eyes as she listens to Logan speak and lights another cigarette*


"You didn't fail her Logan, you were a good brother to her, we can't protect the people we love from every thing. God knows I have learned that the hard way, we can only do our best and that is what you did Logan, you cant blame yourself, remember what you told me when I thought lucky was dead, when I was blaming myself for his death, you cant tear yourself apart over this. It took me running away from everyone to realize that I couldn't do it alone, don't do that to yourself please Logan."

*She releases the PTT and sighs again before continuing*

"She wouldn't want you to blame yourself, she would want you to keep moving and be strong, and god knows I know how hard it can be to stay strong, but we have to for the people who care about us and who need us. Don't try to do this alone, call me if you need me okay? I am always here."

*She releases the PTT again and clips her radio back to her belt.*

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*The radio comes to life with the sounds of doors swinging open. Logan's voice bleeds in, sounding pained and out of breath.*

"Come on... Come on... Has to work..."

*There is a squeak of rusted wheels as Logan limps past a gurney, pushing it away from him as limps into the clinic.*

"Fuck... Not working..."

*The radio continues to transmit while Logan keeps the button down, forgetting about it.*

"This... place... better... have... tweezers... and some... bandages..."

*The sound of another door opening in the background.*

"Just... my luck... I... lose my sister... and get to pull a bullet out of my leg... all in one day... luck me..."

*He finally lets go of the button as he tosses the radio on the desk, before limping to the supply closet.*  

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