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A New Addition To The Balfour Family [Daniel Balfour's Private Frequency]

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*As Daniel take's a deep breath, about to share the news to his friends and family, he walks out of his home over to a bench and sits down. He would then think back to when he had her checked and the test came up positive and grin to himself... Then mumble " I'm goin' to be a fuckin' Dad... " and chuckle to himself. He would then look over at his people standing around his home, talking and laughing. He would then reach into his jeans pocket and pull out a radio, and then press the PPT Button*

" This is Daniel Balfour, with a uh.. Announcement...

I'm not going to explain when and how this happened... But, hell I can tell you this...

My current uh.. Relation let's call it that? She's uh.. Expecting.. For all my non English allies and friends, she is pregnant. I found out a couple of months back but I didn't say anything because... Hell I was in a bad place a couple of month's back... But yeah, she's pregnant. I'm not going to reveal any name's or stuff like that because like... Uh, yeah you know... Ex-Coldwater, Bobby's son... All that sorta stuff.

*He would drag his hand down his face... Shocked at how he's letting everyone know*

" Don't worry about her however, she's in a secure location... Surrounded by her friends and my people... No one will attack her or anything like that. She has around the clock protection, I made sure of that... Fuck this is a shock to me to.. I don't believe it.. Fucking 16 and I'm going to be a father... There are a few things I want to say...

*He would grin to himself, knowing what he is about to say*

" Ryan... You took me in when I had no one, when I was a bitch... When I was nothing. You saved my life, took care of me like a brother, and well... I would like to ask you something.. "

*There would be a slight pause*

" Would you be the kids Godfather?... I mean that. "

*He would lean back against the bench, thinking back to the old days*

" Everyone who is listening to this, I trust you. And I trust you not to let this be public knowledge... Hell, even if it was nothing would happen to her anyways, trust me. We have a lot of things for the kid, but we need things such as baby formula... A Crib... Toys all that... If anyone knows anywhere that they can find that sort of stuff, let me know.

*The Radio Would Fall Silent*


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*He hears the message and pushes the PTT*

Can you repeat that mista? I was sleepin and you woke me the fuck up.

*He releases the PTT and waits*

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*He would hear Kibuka's message and press the PTT Button*

I'm going to be a dad, Kibuka...

*the radio would fall silent*

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*Ryan sits at his desk, rubbing his eyes as he takes a final drag from his cigarette and puts it out on the ash tray in front of him. He sighs and leans back on his chair, about to close his eyes when his radio bursts to life with Danny's message. He picks up the radio and listens in, a slight smile appearing on his face as he hears the offer. As the broadcast ends he takes a deep breath before pushing down the PTT*

Danny I...

*He pauses, the thoughts of Elena and Josh flooding back to him. He mutters under his breath before continuing*

I'd love to be the godfather, jesus I... Whose the lucky lady anyways?

*he pauses again, rubbing the back of his head before continuing*

Look... you... Never let them out your sight alright? You make them your number one priority, always. You need anything, need anyone dead need information need anything... you come to me

*He looks around the room, looking at a small cardboard box in the corner and frowns slightly*

Oh and by the way... *he sighs* I got some baby formula and... clothes here if you need...

*He releases the PTT and continues staring at the box in the corner. He then stands up and takes his revolver from the table, heading outside and sitting on the floor of his porch, looking out across the field*

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*Daniel would smile as he hears Ryan's response, before pressing the PTT Button*

" Ah.. That's made me real happy that you've said Yes... Fuck...

I met her a long time ago, she was a new recruit to... you know, the whole underground thing... She was... I'm not goin' to lie she was like me when I was all shy and stuff like that... Reminded me of myself. Anyway... The rest you can probably figure out....

*He would think back to when he used to be with Damien and Ryan, and think back to what would happen if they met now*

" I don't need to be around her Ryan... She doesn't leave the house... She doesn't feel the need to. When I'm not outside fucking around with you or my people, I'm at the house. She's got around the clock protection now, we've moved compounds since then, it's out of the way, remote... If we see anyone around that area, they get shot. I'm not taking any chances anymore "


" I could use everything like that, the formula.. The clothes.. All that... You know where I live now Ryan, it maybe hours away from anywhere big, like Kabanino and stuff like that but... It's worth it.

*The radio would fall silent* 

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*Ryan sits on the floor of the porch, staring out blankly into the field when he hears Danny's reply. He listens to the radio from his pocket and takes it out,, pushing down the PTT*

Yeah just... watch her you know, people will use her... to get to you

*he sighs as he picks himself up from the floor and heads inside, he bends down beside the box and continues*

But yeah, I got some stuff from...

*he stops himself and opens up the box, his voice sounding slightly broken as he continues*

Baby formula.. some... clothes, couple of.. toys...

*his voice trails off as a tear rolls down his cheek. He stops himself, wiping the tear away and quickly shutting the box*

If the house you are talking about is... the place we discussed back when we had the... eye problem, I'll head there...

Tell your guards not to shoot me

*he releases the PTT and slides his radio into his pocket. He then takes his rifle and slings it over his shoulder, as well as putting on his backpack and sliding his revolver into his back pocket. He then lifts up the box of supplies and heads outside, kicking the door closed behind him*

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*Daniel would press the PTT, In reply to Ryan*

" Yes, that place. They will not shoot. 

And... No one knows who she is Ryan, I made sure of it. She isn't a big name and I don't intend for her to be, also... About the eye problem... We need to make sure Wood's Eye is okay, to.

*The radio would fall silent*

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*He'd be laying down under a shelf hearing Ryan speak he's quickly grabs the radio and tries sitting up. He hits his head on the shelf knocking over the vases on it, he then presses the PTT*

''*Loud painful grunts* Uhh when the hell did this happen? Good stuff boy''

*He'd pause for a bit , then decides to not respond anymore as his head starts bleeding and releases the PTT*

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*Anton, still on his way up north with Johnny hears Danny's message and rolls his eyes. They sit down, grab two glasses and pour drinks before Anton thinks about responding. A few shots and a few broken things later he grabs the radio and responds.*

Aren't you like 14 or some shit?

*They laugh.*

Well shit, looks like you either got mommy issues or we got a fuckin teen mom who is 14 aswell...

*A glass object colliding with a wall can be heard.*

Was planning on going up north and staying there for I don't know how long, but if you need help with getting rid of the baby you can give me a call.

*Johnny can be heared in the background.*

Are we an abortion hotline now?

*He mumbles.*

Maybe... fuckin' babies... I hate them...

*The PTT button is released and they go back to drinking.*

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*He pushes the PTT again*

Can I be the uncle?

*He releases the PTT*

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*sighs before she finally presses down the radio button and speaks into the radio*

Long time ...Danny. Long time.

A baby, hm? Can't believe that. Don't know what I should say to be honest here. I think you are very young to be a father but that doesn't mean that you are bad with that.

Atleast my opinion.

*she sighs again*

I only saw someone pregnant once and it didn't go well. I don't want that to happen to your kid and lady.

I will talk to your father about it. I guess he wanna speak to you too at some point about that.

*plays a little bit nervous with the radio in her hands before she speaks again*

I have a few toys I wanted to give... to Daltons Baby.

I will give them to you. Its nothing really big but its something.

We have to meet in person and catch up I think.

When you need anything let me know. Okay?

You know that I am there for you.

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*Daniel would chuckle at Johnny's words while Anton was speaking and mumble " little fuckers " and then listen to Kibuka's and laugh again, then press the PTT Button*

" Yes... Kibuka... You can be the uncle...

I mean... Lyca.. I could've been dead so many fuckin' times this year. My whole life changed last year... I have my family around me... You're one of them to Lyca, I hope you know that. Trust me when I say this though... Nothing will go wrong with her, as long as it is something I can prevent. Like I said, she has around the clock protection from my people, my home is out of the way and no one will find it, I promise you that.

*He would begin to think back to when he first met Lyca, and laugh to himself*

" I mean... Toys would be great, she's still got a long way to go now... She's only three months gone... Oh wait, it's four now.. It's February right? Yeah...

*The radio would fall silent*


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*Rebecca would be sat down, remembering old times, Her Eyes would be full of tears, Grieveing. She would hear Daniels voice through the radio, ignoring it untill she hears the words " I'm going to be a dad, Kibuka... ". She would start listening to the radio, a faint smile apearing on her face as she whipes away a few tears, trying to bring herself to respond. Eventually she would press the PTT, clearing her throat*

A dad Danny?

*She would pause for a few moments, still trying to control her voice*

It's good to hear.. Some joy once in your life...

*She would pause for a few more moments*

Take care of her... You need anything, im here for you.

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