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Message to Hidden Garden and Beach Bums [Private Freq]

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*Jimmy coughs and clears his throat to speak then presses PPT* 

"Hello this is Jimmy Craft, I am going to start with the Hidden Garden, I met you fine people many times in the past few days. I distinctly remember Pinky and Jasmine, you guys are a hoot!  *Clears Throat* Right well, as I torl you before, Altar hill is officially up and running now! We welcome you with open arms, it would be awesome to have some friendly neighbors either nearby at camp if you guys want to move next to our station, or sorta nearby in Stary where you currently are. I just hope that we can establish Radio communication between our two "outpost" and direct travelers to each others camps!" 

"Now, for you Beach Bums, I love the openness and hospitality that you gave me so I will treat you just as equal, if you guys ever need anywhere to lay your heads or smoke a joint in peace and listen to some fine tunes, there are plenty of places around the station for you to set up camp"

"BUT, let it be noted, this is for both groups. This is not an invitation to any alliance, it is mearly a friendly pact, so if we ever fight with anyone you are not expected to help and I hope you do not expect the same from us! But judging by how both of your groups oporate I dont think any of us will be getting in to any wars, atleast I hope not. Also if you are desperate for help, dont hesitat to ask, just make sure that you do not EXPECT it, or bring it to the station! That is all, have a wonderful day, all of you, Jimmy out.

*Jimmy releases PPT and works on microphone setup*

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*Oliver walks back into his little shed. Wiping the dirt off his hands from gardening. He hears the transmission and excitedly responds*


 It's Oliver here. Thanks for the invitation, amigo! If you ever need anything just send out a message. I appreciate the offer and look forward to some chill and relaxing vibes man. I understand the offer and would like to shoot it right back at you. When we get setup and what not. You're welcome to come hang.

Catch you later, Amigo.

*Oliver releases his radio button and gets back to gardening. But hes quickly interrupted* 


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* Marshall would have a mouth fall of beans as he hears "The Hidden Garden", feet would hit the floor as he holds the PTT *

Alright lad, Jimmy ...  I remember that name. You already know who I am but if you don't, I'm Marshall, a second "leader" if you will. Anyway, we appreciate the invitation and will definitely come a long at some point, I'll let John know. We'll bring along some fresh produce for everyone to enjoy and we can have a good time, cheers once again lad.

* He'd note down where Altar Hill is on his map, you can hear the rustling of it *

Alright, see ya there.

* Static would overtake the frequency *

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*Jimmy hears both responses and presses the PPT to speak*

"Awesome, I would love to see you guys visit thestation, stay tuned because we might go live in a few!"

*Jimmy releases the PPT and begins to fine-tune the equipment*   

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*Jimmy presses PPT*

"We will be live soon gentlemen, stay tuned"

*Jimmy releases PPt*

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