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More player slots for servers and other things

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I was thinking it would be awesome if there were more slots in the servers for a MMO RP aspect. I know most people will say that 50 slots is plenty and I would agree, but if the slots were upgraded a little there would be MUCH more interaction which would be great. Since Chernarus is such a large map more people would make things a lot more interesting and intense. The trade post will also have more interesting people to talk to and trade with.

With the addition of more slots there could be a building aspect to the game. Were items like sandbags, wire fencing kits, tank traps, another misc items could be used in recipes for walls and buildings. It could be in a certain part of the map in some large fields area where people could come together and start to rebuild civilization and communities.

Another idea had is to make things like jerry cans very rare to get your hands on so people are not just trading for guns anymore. I am sure that this idea has already come up but it would be a great change to the game.

none off this stuff will happen right away if it even will, but I think it would be a great thing to add.

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The limitations are caused by the software more than the hardware. According to Rolle, the hardware could easily handle in excess of 100 players, but the server software starts to choke after you exceed 50-60.

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