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The Hidden Garden [Open Frequency]

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* After he'd finish writing notes in his book, he reaches over to the radio, he'd tune it to an empty frequency and hold down the PTT *

This is Marshall of The Hidden Garden, second "leader" if you will. I'd just like to broadcast this message to any possible groups of people that wish to make business with us, if you don't know who were are then I guess this is a better place than any, right? The aim and goal of The Hidden Garden is to grow fresh produce for the friendly people of Chernarus, if you're an asshole, you get nothing, simple as. An example of business would be, to provide a constant source of a food for a large number of people, or provide a small buffet for a wedding ... That kind of thing. Anyway, this is the frequency to do any of it on.

* Static *

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2 hours ago, CrescentGent said:


*Ryan sits at his desk, going through various frequencies when he recognises the voice of Marshall. He listens to the broadcast and takes the radio into his hands, pushing down the PTT*

Hello Marshall, this is Ryan Robertson of Black Skull... I believe we have met? 

You sound like you are building something good, and I've tried some of your produce before... Good stuff. I have a business opportunity you may be interested in.

*he clears his throat*

Put simply, if you need something we can get it for you. Be that people, information, supplies and so on. Sorta like bounty hunters, or merc's or whatever. Payment will come in the form of anything you feel is valuable, and we will judge it accordingly

If you are interested, you can contact us on 42.0

Stay safe Marshall

*He releases the PTT and lays the radio back on the desk. He then opens a pack of cigarettes and takes one out, lighting it up and taking a drag*

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*Miller hears the broadcast and presses the PTT*

Good to hear you again Marshall, glad you're actually making something for yourself. We'll be in touch.

*Miller releases the PTT*

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*Heading back toward the mainland of Chernarus, after months in the woods, Brian picks up a radio signal. He hears the message and decides to reply..*

"Hey there..Marshall was it? Well, anyway...name is McCoy. I've been living deep in the woods away from the chaos for months now after some..."events." Food is getting low. I'm not part of any group and hold no affiliations..anymore. Does this offer of fresh food for sale apply to those alone, trying to survive in this shit hole? I don't have too much to trade but can provide services if needed or pay with labor. Times are getting desperate..I'll keep an ear to this frequency..."

*Brian releases his PPT button. Looking back at the map, heading what he thinks is South*

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1 hour ago, McCoy III said:


* Marshall would be chewing some pumpkin as he receives some nice feedback. He'd finish his snack and hold down the PTT *

Hey there, McCoy ... I couldn't think of a more bad ass name if I tried. Anyway, anything within the tents that we have are free to take for anyone and everyone except the assholes that unfortunately live among us. We are a friendly group but like I mentioned before, be an asshole and expect to be treated as such, feel free to come visit us anytime at Stary Clinic ... Rest your feet and get some food down ya, no work is needed unless you wish to contribute. We have a multitude of teddy bears, if interested then please ask first.

1 hour ago, Squillium said:


As for you fella, I recognize the voice but cannot put a name to it 

* He'd chuckle to himself *

Names were never really my strong point, cheers for the kind words. Stop by anytime!

* Static would overtake the frequency *

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