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Regarding one's profile page

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Such a noobilicious question, but I am not familiar with the demon social media formats such as Facebook, by choice. Now that we have (I think?) a similar format here, my question-

How does one go about adding content to their own activity feed on their own profile page? I've looked for a button or something and can find none. I didn't even realize I had answers to some of my posts on others' profile pages until I hit "See my activity" on my own page. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, along with anything else folks not familiar with this new format might need to know. Or you can point me in the direction to read about it. Either way, I thank you for your time and answers :)

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Firstly, go to your account settings (under your profile pic drop down, top right corner). Got to account settings, then edit profile. 


Make sure enable status updates is enabled.

If it isn't thats the first thing to fix.

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Thank you Shane. 

Thank you @Oliv, that did the trick! :)

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