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I am here with a cool suggestion. When we make status updates, we can edit our posts and we can't turn off notifications. The same thing when we post on other people's status updates, we can't edit our post or turn off notification. 

I am suggesting is giving us this option, because when one status is getting filled with aids, we have to see all of the aids in our notifications.


Thank you.

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Yeah perhaps we would have to follow a status update to receive all the notifications?

That'd be cool

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Unfortunately the notifications you get are put together by the system into one package. So you cannot individually turn off notifications for your profile updates and someone elses. It's all handled by one setting, so you either receive all notifications or none at all:


Post editing is disabled in status updates and cannot be enabled as far as I know.

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If Facebook can do it, you can too!

I believe in you Rolleh! Fuck the system! I am sure you can tweak it or find a programmer that can. Because it is really annoying receiving millions of notifications of a status update, that you only wanted to say something to and then that status update blows up and you get more and more notis than you wanted.

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