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Risky Arms Radio

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This is, Risky Arms Radio at 87.8 FM

Risky Arms, All The Weapons You'll ever Need  

Risky Arms is a Trading Company specializing in AK's, Ammo, and Attachments 

Stay Tuned For An Inventory List  

Thanks for listening, 

Here is the list of AK's Available 


Ammo, Magazines, and attachments available for all three types of AK's currently in stock

Each AK Purchase includes 1 Standard Magazine, your choice of wood or plastic and a natural or green finish 

All trades are final, and negotiated in person 

Stay tuned for more offers 

Thanks for listening to Risky Arms Radio 

Other Current Gun offers include 

Glock 19, (no magazine) 


SKS, with clips 


Ammo Currently Available 

.308 Winchester 


5.45 millimeter 

.380 auto 

9 millimeter 

If you didn't hear anything you were looking for feel free to Radio in on this station and we'd be happy to see what we can do for you.  

Stay tuned for current attachments available 

Various MP5 attachments 

Various AK attachments 

Drum Mag for AKM

Various M4 attachments 

Wide selection of scopes, mounts and Magazines for most weapons 

Looking for something we didn't mention, we might have it, feel free to radio in at any time. 

Risky Arms is currently hiring extra hands to provide security 

Thanks for listening and once again, this is Risky Arms Radio, wishing you the best! Stay safe out there friends   

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Presses the PTT

Ayy, just what I been fuckin' lookin' for.
Where were you guys when I was sifting through these shit hole military bases this afternoon tryin' to find some god damn ammo?

If you fellas are hiring security guards I gots some experience, maybe I could do a little work for ya in exchange for you keepin' my mags full.
How's that sound, eh?

Releases the PTT

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.* presses ptt* 

we might've  been one step ahead of yah haha

if you're interested in a security  position  we can meet up for an interview  

* releases ptt*


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Risky Arms Radio is experiencing technical difficulties, we are temporary off the air. 


We'll back soon 

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*Presses down the PTT button on his radio.*

"Where did the voice on the radio go, where are you radio man?"

*He releases the PTT button.*

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*presses PTT* 

we are currently off the air, but we will be back soon! 

Thanks for the support, and as always, stay safe out their friend 


*releases PTT*

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Risky Arms Radio will be on the air in 10 minutes, tune in to 87.8 FM to hear today's news and firearms available 

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Mike Risky is currently at the NW airfield getting ready to grill up some steaks, anyone is welcome to join!

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*Jesse Carter is lying down in a bed shaking his head. Hearing the radio he opens his eyes and grabs the radio*

"God damn it, fine I'm awake..Listen here now pal, whatever idea you got going it aint going to work..Trust me people like you come in once in a while think they can make a change in this situation we got, but everyone fails and you know what happen when they fail? Boom they are dead, they don't get a second chance, they don't get another life like in video games, no it's a strict, thanks for coming out now enjoy the darkness..So piece of advice pal, whatever it is you are trying to do, don't..In the end nothing will change and trust me by the end of the week, you brother..Will be dead."

*A voice could be heard in the background after Jesse is done talking, Gabriel Fox is yelling on the top of his lungs in an aggressive tone*

"You dumb fucking cunt the clowns don't even exist anymore! For fucks sake how stupid are these fucking people in this country?!"

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