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Alex. [Private]

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*Mark takes up the Radio and tunes it in*

It has been quite a while.
I would imagine you are doing quite well up north...
I would expect nothing less from you.

*Mark takes a minute to clear his throat*

We've been doing quite well down here, but the time has come for change. I've been hearing good things about the prospect of the north. 
All of us and our greatly formed alliance have decided to see if the stories are true. This area down here has no more use for citizens of the camp.
With that said I and my peers are sending them north for what we hope will be a better future...

I will be staying down here... There is still much for me to take care of, and many of our friends have decided to stay with me. 

I send this message out to only update you, but to ask for your help in guiding the many we have sent up there.

*Mark Pauses for a moment*

I hope visit soon...

*Mark puts down the radio*



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*Alex picks up his radio*

That's good, Mark. I always hoped people would follow. It's better up here, a lot more remote in many ways. There's less apocalyptic war and havoc than there is down south, in the eye of the storm. The alliance will truly have a future up here.

Let this be the end of things in Chernarus.

*He puts the radio down*

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