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Chief [Private]

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*Valentine unfolds the note Eli gave her and sets her radio to the frequency written down on the note. She looks down at the ring on her finger and smiles, pressing down the PTT*

He-Hello? I hope this is the right frequency. I'm looking for someone called.. uh, Chief?

*She takes off her beanie and throws it in the corner of the room, next to her bag and continues*

So, my name is Valentine, I'm a friend of Eli. I'm looking for a priest to-

*She hears something outside and stops talking for a moment, listening. A voice can be heard in the background and Val sighs in relief*

Uh, anyways.. He gave me that frequency so I could contact you. Before I say more then I should, is this the right frequency?

*She releases the PTT*

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*Axel would be sitting at the fire, talking and enjoying silence with logan and talking as they enjoy their insomnia. He could tell he was a little lighter at heart when he is around with just him. "Wonder who is on the open frequencies kid..." he would say before turning the radio on. He would slowly scan until he heard a girl say a name he was all too familiar with. He would glance at Logan before pressing the PTT*

"I know who he is... depends on what this is about and if it will put people at risk"

*Lets go of the PTT and awaits a response*

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*Valentine, laying next to Bruce, grabs her radio and presses down the PTT*

Well, I'm gonna make it short. We need a priest for a wedding, nothing big, just a simple wedding with close friends. I can't promise anything but I hope no one will get put at any risk, at least we try our best to keep the whole thing as quiet as possible so we won't have any unwanted visitors.

*She drives her hand through her hair, holding it back while still talking*

Now, I know that, especially these days, nothing is for free. If you are available and willing to assist us, we will either repay you with a favour or get you supplies you need. Whatever you prefer.

*She releases the PTT and lets go off her hair, placing the radio next to her*

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*Axel would be sitting there, he would look at logan as he listens to the proposal before pressing the PTT*

"I don't know why but we do need more supplies... gimme a place and a time."

*releases the PTT, He would sit there and await a response*

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