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A message to Akrasia [Private]

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*Pinky sits down at a table in his self claim "house" and starts broadcasting*
"So... I did not expect to come back to the camp with people fighting and tents tattered with bullets..."
*Pinky takes a second and continues*

"I would first like to extend my condolences to anyone harmed or lost in today's incidence of miscommunication."
"I am Pinky, current representative for the oli-... Hidden Garden. I spoke with a member of Akrasia yesterday agreeing that we would have a breathe of friendship if we provided food and medical supplies with members of Akrasia. Unfortunately, not everyone in both parties was informed of this, which I can only assume led to the fight. As information unfolds on who caused the pandemonium, we would like to enforce a ban on guns within our walls for all workers, farmers, and visitors. The Hidden Garden's security team will be the only members allowed to have weapons unholstered. We hope this nullifies any chance of this happening again in the future of the Hidden Garden.

*Pinky takes a second to breathe*

"Along with this crack down on weapons, we would like to have a funeral ceremony for the loved ones lossed today both from Akrasia, and The Garden. We extend this invitation to all of Akrasia. We hope that we can move on from today hand in hand as friends, allowing us to provide food and medical supplies to your people in exchange for trade and protection.

I apologies again for what happened today, lets not let this happen again.
*Pinky holds onto his radio waiting for responses.*

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*Dusty grabs his radio and speaks into it, responding to the man*

I sincerely hope that what you're saying is honest. Don't like dealing with bullshit, like one of your guys randomly shooting one of ours, as well as another of yours telling our guy to put his hands up and then shooting him. 

We won't tolerate anymore 'mishaps' in the future. We're motivated enough to make life miserable if more bullshit happens.

Lastly, in the future I suggest when you guys make a deal, you tell every single person in the group about said deal to avoid things like what happened today.

*Dusty sets his radio down*

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*Pinky picks up his radio and replies*
"This is where the misunderstanding occurred. We have concluded that the man who fired upon you guys to start all these shenanigans was not apart of the Hidden Garden at all, he was a visitor who was pretending to be "protecting us." Little did he know he was making all of our lives a hell of a lot harder. These actions will not be tolerated from Hidden Garden workers and we will be a lot more exclusive from here on so as to not have anything like this occur again."

"Regarding the funeral, would you guys be interested in making arrangements to mourn for our mutual losses?"

*Pinky places his radio back on the table*

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*John sighs....staring at the floor before pressing the PTT*

I'm gone for one fucking day and all shit hits the fan.....to all members of Akrasia, I sincerely apologise for what went down, I myself nor Marshall, the other leader was present at the time. I don't want this misunderstanding to tarnish that arrangement that we came to an agreement on, everyone involved will no longer be welcome inside The Hidden Garden and as Pinky said, there will be a ban on all guns, apart from the ones carried by the security team.

Again....I sincerely apologise for this entire thing...our radio frequency is 78.8 if you would like to get into contact with myself or Marshall.

*John sighs, drops his radio on the floor and stares into the sky*

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*Ollie picks up his radio* 

No need for people not to have their guns out, if that's how you want to operate we're not stopping you unless you try make one of us put it away. 

*He'd pause and sniffle as he would have a cold*

As for the funeral I loose brothers every week starting to get used to it, I'll think we'll miss it we've got bigger fish to fry

*He coughs as he lets go of the PTT* 

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