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To Akrasia [Open Frequency]

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*Bob grins as he depresses the PTT.*

So....I heard from some of my boys that you rescued them earlier tonight.

I appreciate this.  Let's talk.

*Bob releases the PTT.*

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*Ollie takes his radio out of his jacket pocket and holds down the PTT, he sighs and starts to speak into his radio*

"Yeah, that was us.. I guess we can meet you for a talk and hear you out"

*He pauses and looks down at the note book*

"Ermm.. Let's say.. tomorrow night.."

*he pauses again and looks back down at his note book*

"Somebody will contact you when we are ready to meet and the location will be revealed then. keep an ear on this frequency until you hear back from us"

*He lets go of the PTT* 

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