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Good buisness oportunity [private frequncy)

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*Nick leaves a tend astonished by what he saw in it and quickly opens up his VHF tunes to Ryan's frequency and presses the PTT*

Ryan do you copy?
Listen man some while ago you told me you where looking for weapons . Well i just found out a trader by the name Shasha, apparently it appears for the last few days he was gathering a lot of weapons, magazines and ammo. He plans to open a store and sell weapons and ammo only, as he is saying he plans to become a weapon dealer. It appears he has no security team at all , and is looking for someone to back him up. I convinced him that if  i can find a team for him he would allow the team to have a logical access  in  his arsenal me included in that.

*Nick pauses for a while *

Look i am not sure how much he was able to gather all these things but it is big. However there is a problem in the whole situation, lately a group by the name Preachers has found out his hidden tend and they managed to get a hold of most of his ammo. Also i managed to locate the camp of the preachers and raid it while no one was there. To me they doesn't seem much of  a threat  but still they may deal some damage
As for the storage he has around 4-6 weapons, a hell lot of mags , some weapon attachments and some ammo remaining after the raid.
I will wait for your reply regarding if you want to offer protection to him or not. Do let me know of your terms if what he offers doesn't seem fair to you

*Nick releases the PTT and goes back to the tend where shasha was awaiting *

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*Ryan sits on a wooden chair in an apartment block in Russia. He takes a drag of his third cigarette and taps his foot restlessly, looking around the room. He notices Woods looking at him with concern and nods toward him, turning and looking toward Vanessa and Kibuka, both asleep. He rubs his eyes and takes out his notepad, looking over his notes until he notices the ones he had taken down upon hearing Nick's broadcast. He takes his radio from the table and pushes down the PTT, speaking in a slightly quieter tone to avoid waking the others*

Hey Nick, sorry for the late response

*he sighs*

Alright so... weapons dealer, no security, Preachers... okay

*he places his notepad to one side*

I'm gonna be back in the country in about a week, if everything goes according to plan. Black Skull won't run any security contracts, we don't plan on standing around and protecting Mr Sasha and his pile of loot. However we may be able to dispose of these "Preachers" for him

*he rubs the back of his head*

I'll speak to the others when I return from Russia and we will make a decision. I would recommend keeping your head low, but make sure you keep tabs on these stash locations and the ammunition. Sasha is going to need it for payment, and we will need a resupply when we return

Don't die out there, brother

*He releases the PTT and drops the radio back to one side, folding his notepad and placing it into his bag. His mind then quickly goes back to what he had heard on the radio and he reaches into the bottom of his bag, taking out a small Polaroid picture. He rubs his thumb across the top of it and sighs, lighting up another cigarette as he stares at the image of himself and Elena in his hand*

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* While Nick is relaxing next to a pond while staying alone thinking of some certain things he hears the broadcast and tries to calm down a bit and finishes his cigarette  . After he calms a bit he tosses the cigarette into the pond and presses the PTT and tries to sound normal and cover his sadness  *

Out of country?
well have a good homecoming then i guess

*Nick sights *

Now on to the matter at hand  i can keep tabs on these guys sure. But when you get back in country and try to contact me , if you receive a response all good, if you don't well i think you can guess ... Their leader and me have some open business  witch i really want to close. No names for now i'll keep you updated on that if you want.

*Nick stop transmitting for a couple of seconds and starts again *

The preachers known numbers are 6 including a small girl there are possibilities for a few more people .  It can get nasty if things lead to bullets . To be frank i don't care for the merchant and his security issues or his business at all  , just that stash that he holds mostly, so i guess relieving him from his raiders he will probably rewards us handsomely . That's all for now... stay safe Ryan

*Nick releases the PTT and resumes back in his meditation thinking mostly about his late wive and try and renew his spirit  before moving out on the stash location*

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*As Ryan drives down the highway back toward Chernarus he hears his radio from his pocket. He takes it out and holds it in one hand, listening to the message while continuing down the highway. He looks round to Woods before pushing down the PTT*

Change of plans, we're gonna be back sooner than expected

*he pauses for a moment as he steers round the corner*

Nah I... Woods, we're switching

*He hits the breaks on the car and a thud is heard from the truck. A muffled sound of Charlie shouting can be heard as Ryan gets out the car and climbs into the back seat, now sitting next to Kibuka. He waits until Woods gets the car going again before continuing with his message*

Okay, I need you to keep me updated with any names you can get me. If Sasha wants us to work for him I am going to need the exact names of the people I am defending and the people I am dealing with.

So these Preachers. Sounds like they are low on numbers but a small girl? Is her name Yui by chance, because if it is we may have a problem.

I'll be back in the country soon, don't die out there

*he releases the PTT and looks out the window, watching the ruins of civilisation flash past as Woods speeds down the highway. He then looks to his left and watches in amusement as Kibuka bounces on his seat, gripping the seat infront of him as he mutters a Ugandan prayer to himself*

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* As Nick checks from the forest  Stary Yar for movement  when he hears a shot coming from the village, he backs of a bit from the village , presses the PTT and speaks with his voice lowered *

Well i do not think i will be able to get their names maybe i will let the merchant Shasha to get their names for me. These guys and me know each other so if i actually meet them again the possibilities for gunshots are high

*Stops transmitting and releases the PTT while he gets covered a after some minutes he presses the PTT and starts transmitting again but now his voice is even more lower* 

This is all the info i have for now
The one who needs help is  a guy named Shasha . From what he told me he spend a lot of time in the woods on northern chenarus thus i come in a conclusion that time he must have been gathering all this arsenal. Now what made him to move out of the woods is beyond me
About the girl i really do not know much about her but she appears a bit passionate and no shy at all. She likes teddy bears to the point the guys with her demanding me to find one or else ...
As for their leader maybe i can learn his name if i find the right people , as far as i know he was in the brotherhood but i dint get the chance to meet him because he was running with some other members of the group and as i said my stay in the brotherhood was too short
Two of his men have heavy ascend i think Russian or Chenarussian  and if i am not mistaken one must be crazy as hell
The other two he was with they remained silent during my encounter with them
Their clothing was black in general. The Russian ascend people wear a black balaclava  and the girl was wearing a pink raincoat with jeans i think she was holding a teddy bear i am not so sure
*Some more gunshots can be heard from the transmission *

The preachers camp  is located in Stary Yar and looks big from the distance i cannot afford to try to see the contend of their tends but if i have the chance i will go and...

*Growling can be heard in the background *

aahh crap ... catch ya later brother

*  The transmission suddenly stops as Nick is moving away from the village with a some infected after him *


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*Ryan flicks through his notepad, checking his notes once more before picking up the radio. He tunes the frequency and pushes down the PTT*


The girl, this is the only problem I see here. I approached the girl who I thought this may be today and asked her if she knows anything about "The Preachers." She seemed to know nothing about this

*he sighs as he reaches for a cigarette, lighting it up and taking a drag before continuing*

All I know is attacking kids these days gets you in a lot of shit...

*he takes another drag*

The rest of the men should be no problem, we have the manpower to deal with a small force. If they stay at Stary Yar that makes our job even easier

Just, find out the name of that kid

*he takes a longer drag of his cigarette*

Catch you later *he coughs* brother

*He releases the PTT and places the radio back on his desk, continuing to smoke his cigarette as he stares at his revolver on the table in front of him*

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*Nick lights a cigarette takes a drag and exhales then he puts out his VHF and presses the PTT buttom *

Well i'll look for the girls identity. To be frank i don't want to have her involved in any of this. But  sadly enough a little while ago,i tried to contact the trader and an unknown man responded to me saying our client Mr.Shasha is dead, killed by the clowns.He didn't give me other info on Shasha

*Nick takes another drag and exhales *

Well given the circumstances i guess since he is dead i could try and locate the stash again and take as much as we can, last time he mentioned the he moved it. I mean it would be a shame for all this arsenal to go to waste eh?

I will begin looking for the stash if i found it i will let you know about it. Now if you want to mess with these so called Preachers then i can still look for information about them.

*Takes another drag slowly exhaling the smoke this time*

Well  raiding the preachers base without bloodshed can also be done and probably with minimum of effort

Since Shasha is dead i will leave the choice up to you.

*Nick releases the PTT and Continues with his smoke*

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