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To the mongoloid Ryan Robertson [Open]

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*Woods would look at the horse tied to a pole as he pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one up , takes a few drags and looks back at the house they're staying, Vanessa still holding her radio awaiting a response from Matt, as Kibuka rolls off the bed but continues to sleep. He'd pull out a radio, switch through the frequencies and press the PTT button*

''Ryan , how? Just how? We left you for half an hour and you managed to get yourself lost in Russia.. I swear to fucking god Ryan''

*He'd pause and take a drag from the cigarette*

''Right.. , where the hell are you? Landmarks , towns? Anything for that matter.. I came here to look for Matt not too lose people..''

*He'd release the PTT button and place the radio in his pocket as it begins to rain he'd throw the cigarette outside , head back into the house and take a seat near Vanessa ''We're going to find him , don't worry''*

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*Ryan wonders down an alleyway, absolutely lost. He slings his rifle onto his shoulder and sits down again the wall, getting an out of date bag of "salt and vinegar" crisps that he had stole from the Pagan's a while ago. He opens the bag and has a couple before reaching for his radio in his pocket and hearing Wood's message. He sighs and looks around him before replying*

Landmarks? It's fucking dark out mate, believe it or not the streetlights aren't working on

*he looks over at the damaged roadsign*

Yas... yashi? Yamishi street... Fucks sake

*he sighs*

Where are you lot?

*he releases the PTT and slides the radio back into his pocket. He gets himself as comfortable as he can sitting against the wall in an alleyway and continues eating his crisps. When he finishes them he reaches for his pack of cigarettes, taking one out and lighting it*

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*Woods shakes his head slightly as he opens a can of beans and pulls his radio out , duct taping the PTT button*

''We are in a house Ryan and all I know is we have to go this way''

*He'd spoon some beans out and begins to eat them , as he's eating them he unfolds the map and starts reading it*

''Yamishi street? That's sounds fucking Japanese..''

*He'd find the place where Ryan is and spit all the beans on the ground*

''Yamishka street you idiot , how the hell did you even get there... You're at the other end of town fucks sake.. Keep going straight and take a right, I'll meet you at the fountain''

*He'd cut the duct tape and the transmission cuts off*

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5 minutes ago, Cloudy said:


*Ryan takes another drag of his cigarette as he listens to Wood's reply. He shakes his head and looks up at the sign again, trying to read out loud the street name. He gives up and assumes Wood's is right, pushing down the PTT again*

Go straight... like north straight, or south straight?

*he takes another drag of his cigarette*

The fountains behind that burnt out Orthodox church isn't it? I think I'll be able to find it

*he stands up and slings his rifle over his shoulder*

Oh, and how I got here.... uhh, I don't really know. I'll be at the fountain soon

*he releases the PTT and finishes his cigarette, flicking it away as he begins heading down the street, most likely in the wrong direction*

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*Daniel would quickly get up after hearing this transmission, grab his radio and press the PTT Button*

" You better look after him Woods... I swear... That fucker saved my life a few months back...

I'll come up and see you two real soon... I think I can get a car... Who fuckin' knows. 

Good luck, do me a favour and get me a few bars of gold or something like that, I wanna make some chains "

*The radio would fall sillent*

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*Woods sits at the fountain and light a cigarette up , taking a few drags pulling his radio out , holding the PTT button*

''I'm at the fountain , where the hell are you?''

*He'd takes a drag again*

''I'll look after him don't worry and yeah I'll find some gol-''

*He'd stop mid sentence and he hears Kibuka chanting ugandan down the street*

''Woods! De Horse is runen awei!!''

*He'd look at the horse in front of him stroll down the street as Kibuka chases after it , tripping over*

''Right so the horse ran away.. AGAIN!.. get your ass here.''

*He'd release the PTT button ,takes a few drags again and stands up really slowly following the Kibuka's path*

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*Daniel hears Kibuka's voice down the radio and chuckles down the radio, before pressing the PTT Button*

" How the fuck did you lot find a fucking horse? "

*The radio would fall silent*

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*Ryan walks down the alleyway and as he reaches the end he hears Woods on the radio. He takes it into his hand but hears shouting in the distance, followed by a horse sprinting across the end of the alleyway. Ryan quickly duct tapes the PTT down on his radio and clips it to his belt*


*he runs to the end of the alleyway and looks to his right, spotting Kibuka, Woods and Vanessa standing by the fountain. Kibuka can be heard shouting as Ryan turns right and runs toward the horse*


*Ryan sprints up behind the horse as he hears Danny's message, he quickly looks down to his radio still chasing the noble steed*


*The broadcast is cut short as Ryan catches up with the horse, he attempts to jump onto the saddle but misses and his thrown off. He lands on his back and curses loudly as Kibuka runs past him*


*The broadcast is cut out as the duct tape loosens and the PTT is no longer pressed*

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Marius pics up his radio, he hears about the name of the streets and the town they are in, as he suddenly sees a horse running past him. He presses his PTT

"guys ive arrived the town, i see the horse you have mentioned, found it*

*Kibukas voice can be heard in the background*

"Come bach you stopid horse, oh hello marius, help me to stop de horse" can be heard screaming

*Marius shakes his head and starts laughing while saying on the radio*

"uhh ive also found kibuka running"

*he continues laughing and releases the ptt"

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*As Nikolai stands on top of a local building IN RUSSIA, listening to the whole horse scene in Russia on the open frequency, he chuckles to himself. Upon climbing off the local building, he begins to slowly walk back to his hide out, south of St. Petersburg... He looks to his left and notices a horse, galloping across the road to reach a local pond. The Horse would then start drinking from the pond. As Nikolai slowly walks up to the majestic animal.. He mumbles " Stay there horse... I am not bad man... I will not hurt... " Nikolai would then put his radio to his face and presses the PTT Button*

" Hello my friends,

I have recently found horse, drinking from local water supply ahh... This is yours? No?

*The radio would fall silent, as Nikolai draws his weapon, ready to take out the unpredictable beast*

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*Woods continues to not care about the horse , but still follows it's tracks as he drops the cigarette and pulls a radio out , motioning Vanessa to go ahead. He'd press the PTT down*

''Umm, Hi? That would be our horse. Where are you exactly so we could come pick it up?''

*He'd pause for a second as Kibuka continues screaming at Woods to hurry up as the horse won't wait*

''Would be nice if the horse would still be alive by the time we get there or you're going to become the one carrying our fucking supplies , understand me local?''

*He'd release the PTT button and continues walking in the same direction*


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*As Nikolai hears the mans response, he begins to walk over to the Horse, he then puts the radio to his mouth and presses the PTT Button*

" Yes Yes.. No worry I will return to you ah.... How you say... No problamo ah?... This Horse is a beautiful creature... I will no harm the hors...

*The horse would then hear Nikolai and begin to Gallop back the way it came*


*Nikolai would start running after the horse, as it takes many turns down the allyways, you may notice a sound of a man running and heavy breathing. The Horse would then jump over a low fence... As Nikolai jumps over the fence he notices a chance to get to higher ground and jump on the horse. He would then get to the higher ground, attempt to jump on the horse and misses.. you may notice the sound of a man falling... The radio would fall silent*

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*as Marius is about to ask for the direction to the rest of his group, he sees the horse and a unknown man pass by. he presses the PTT*

"uhh guys whats up with this horse, now it seems this weird new dude is following it. and where is kibuka that followed it first"

*he cant hold himself from laughing as he sees the man running after the horse and stumbles, falling to the ground but is fast up running after the horse*

"soooooo yeah Horse.*he starts laughing* "so where are the rest of you. i can only find this damn horse"

*he releases the PTT as he is watching the man running after the horse. he stumbles on a rock falling onto his ass but keeps laughing off the man*

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*Ryan stops against a lamppost to take a breather, watching in awe as Nikolia collapses on the ground. He then spots Kibuka running straight toward the horse and takes out his radio, quickly pushing down the PTT*

Kibuka you fuckin idiot, you are never going to ca-

*he stops himself as he watches Kibuka leap toward the horse, but as he was downhill he completely misses and bounces off to one side, rolling down the hill. Ryan bursts out laughing as he watches Kibuka tumble to the ground*

De horse... Ryan mista catch de horse

*Ryan sighs as he composes himself slightly, he readjusts the rifle on his back and starts sprinting up the hill, after the horse. After reaching the top of the hill he turns right and begins running in the direction he thought the horse went*

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*Woods grows tired of chasing after the horse and decides to immobilize the horse, he'd jog up on a hill and set up with the AKM. He'd pull the radio out and duct tape the PTT button*

''I'm done with this..''

*He holds down the trigger and accidentally sprays the horse down with seventy five rounds*

''Umm.. Oops... It.. Uh... ran away?''

*He'd cut the duct tape again as he's lights up a cigarette and takes a few drags*

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*Ryan runs up to where the horse is, he is about to catch up, running beside Nikolia when SUDDENLY Woods sprays down the horse. Ryan watches the majestic creature fall to the ground and stops in his tracks, looking round toward Nikolia. Without hesitation he takes his radio out of his pocket and holds down the PTT*

What the fuck

*he draws his glock 19 from his pocket and raises it toward Nikolia*

Kibuka, the ruski killed the horse

*he pulls the trigger and a thud can be heard as Nikolia falls to the ground. Ryan walks over to the corpse and bends down, beginning to search the mans bag while still holding the radio in his hand. He looks up and notices that he is beside the fountain, meaning the group had run in a full circle. He smirks as he goes back to the radio*

I'm at the fucking fountain *he chuckles* meet me here

*he releases the PTT and slides the radio back into his pocket, continuing to rummage through the Russian's backpack*


//perm death of Nikolia 

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*Ollie picks up his radio* 

"Oi Ryan, if kaboonoa needs another horse I can get you the second best thing. 

*He snivels* 

"I reckon I can get you a cow and a sheep by Thursday, let me know" 


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6 hours ago, Charlie said:


*Ryan is sat in the back of the car as Woods speeds down the highway. He looks toward his radio and starts tuning the frequency, stumbling on the one with Ollie talking. He listens and smirks, looking round to a terrified Kibuka. He then looks toward his radio and pushes down the PTT*

Sounds go-

*The broadcast is cut out as Woods drives the car over a bump in the road. The radio is launched out of Ryan's hand and flies out the window*

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