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To Jaro [Pvt]

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*Frank is walking and stops, removing the radio from his backpack strap and pressing down the PTT*

"Jaro, I dont know where you are. i dont even know where Rene or any of the others are, but im gonna deal with that Chris guy for you, i said i would and i keep my promises... anyhow i've been initiated into a motorcycle club called the Pagan Revenants M.C. you can call on me at any time if you or Rene or anyone needs me... i miss you guys.."

*He takes a deep breathe*

"Im sorry for causing you guys such shit, i know im just a kid in your eyes but i am what i am i guess.. get in contact, please.."

*Frank releases the PTT and carries on*

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*Jaroslav lets go of René's  hand to take the radio out of his bag. He drags on his cigarette before he holds the button to transmit*

*you are able to hear an angry sounding voice with a Chernarussian accent*

Frank?! What the fuck are you talking about?! Gonna deal with Chris?! What?!

*he clears his throat and takes a deep breath*

I hope you remember what I told you about disrespect in the past, I feel like you did not understand me there. I told you to follow and do what you are told to if you want to stay. You have been nothing but a goddamn bother. You failed and caused more shit than actual help. I don't want you to deal with anybody... not that I think you could. Why even that Chris guy, what the hell, Frank!

You have no fucking clue what is going on and believe, better it stays that way.

There is no promise to keep, you don't owe me and I don't want what you think is help. Not now and not in the future. Sit the fuck back down and don't get involved in what is none of your fucking business.

Stay the fuck out of my way, crippled kid.  Be what you have to be but not anywhere close to myself or René. 

*he sighs*

This is the last time I am saying this.

 Learn to mind your own business otherwise you will get in trouble running into someone who is not as patient as I am.

Good luck out there, you will need it.

I will not be transmitting again on this frequency.

*The transmission cuts off*


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