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To Sam Bauer [Frank's private frequency]

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*Frank stops and pulls his radio off of his backpack strap, he changes the frequency to his private frequency and presses down the PTT*

"Hey Sam, dunno if your on this frequency but if you are this is the place to get in contact with me about your friend buddy, the little girl wanted to say thank you also for giving her the bear, its her new favourite i guess, i dunno.. anyhow i gotta go, talk soon yeah? ill keep on this frequency if you need me"

*Frank releases the PTT and carries on walking*

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*Sam clearly hears the transmission. He sits and listens as he takes a break from the long walk he's been having. He decides to respond*

"Oh! Frank, is it? Well, tell her that she is most welcome and that I know she will take good care of Alexia *he smiles*. I haven't found Buddy yet, still looking *he pauses and frowns* if you've seen him or know where he is, please, let me know. I know he's alive, I just dunno where. I too will keep scanning this frequency in case you have any news... Hope to see you around... Be safe."

*Sam looks at his radio, releases the PTT button while giving out a sigh and carefully places the radio back into his jacket' pocket* 

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