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Dr West [Private Frequency]

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Jenny wakes up as the sunset paint the sky pink. It was time to get back to work. She reaches for her radio and presses the PTT.

Hope you had a good night sleep doc. I am still on the search for a chicken that is willing to be captured alive. Almost had one yesterday when I met two Russian pricks who decided to make my task more difficult. 

She sighs annoyed.

Listen... we need to meet, with or without the chicken. These men were in need of medical assistance and unfortunately I don't help people who kill my test subjects and offers a shitty payment. I did promise them, however, to contact you in case you felt your helping instinct calling.

She says the last part with a mocking tone.


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*Doctor West sits at his desk in the dimly lit laboratory of Severograd Hospital examining research data and medical records from the outbreak. He yawns and removes his glasses, rubbing his eyes sleepily. As Jenny's broadcast pierces the somber silence, he glances out the window and his eyes widen in surprise to see the sun rising over the horizon. He removes his radio from the charging station next to the flickering candle on the desk and responds in a sleepy voice*

Ah yes, Doct- *ahem* Jenny. I'm afraid I've lost track of the time, I was examining some rather compelling data that leads me to believe... well, perhaps it would be best not to draw conclusions so soon. Suffice it to say, I've discovered some promising leads that will require thoughtful examination. How exciting! It would seem I've been at it all night, so I'll need to rest a while before I'm prepared to leave the safety of my lab. 

What splendid news about your advancements on the possible SR-1 pheromone experiment, proving or disproving its existence will be extremely valuable toward unlocking the door to understanding the SR-1 virus.  However, this setback you've encountered with these Russian uhh... *ahem* gentlemen is indeed disappointing. 

Perhaps it would be best to put this research on hold, however briefly, until we can meet with these fellows to discuss their medical situation. If we were to find some common ground... who knows, I suppose we'll need to meet with them to find out where things will go. 

I do so wish I could run out right now with the rising of the sun like I could when I was younger, all full of piss and vinegar, running on fumes... but alas, at my advanced age the body tends to insist upon rest every now and again. Come to think of it, I have a very time sensitive experiment which should be yielding results tomorrow as well, so my availability will be quite limited until Monday. Perhaps we can arrange to meet them then.

*Resting his radio on top of the medical records, he leans in and blows out the candle before glancing back at the small cot with the cozy blanket beckoning him*

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Jenny smiles, as the doctor once again reminded her of her old professor.

Of course, rest. I will do the same, even if waiting for these news about your experiment will make it difficult.

She tries to recall back to the meeting with the men.

I was informed that a friend of theirs had been shot in the arm, no more details than that since they both seemed quite surprised by it all. I advised them to try and do as much as they could before help arrives, but I fear their knowledge won't make their friends situation much better. Time might be of the essence.

She releases the PTT.

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*Examining a glass slide, Doctor West writes a final line in his research notes before closing his folder with a satisfied smile. He reaches for his radio and begins to transmit with a tired but excited tone*

Jenny? Jenny are you hearing this? There is much to discuss! I've drawn a rather interesting hypothesis, but I will require more data. In the meantime, I recall you mentioning these other gentlement you'd prefer to meet with. Are you able to arrange something with them tonight or in the coming days perhaps? I'm currently walking north of the main roa- 

*A wolf can be heard howling*

... East, I'm currently walking east down a dirt road just north of Zelenogorsk. Do keep me apprised of your situation. If you're busy, I'll head towards your location. I trust all is well?

*As he picks up his walking pace, he clips his radio back to the shoulder strap of his backpack and looks over his shoulder to make sure the predators haven't picked up his scent.*

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Having stared at her radio for a while, building up the motivation to make contact with West, Jenny finally transmits her voice over the radio. Attempting to twist his words.

West. You must have had so much to do and I do not blame you for not setting off time to help a stranger. I hope on the other hand you can set off time to meet me to um... discuss your research? Any day this upcoming week would be good.

She ends the transmission abruptly. 

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*West is attempting to duct tape his glasses back together when Jenny's broadcast comes in. He nods confidently and puts them on his face where they rest for a few seconds before falling apart and landing on the desk in front of him in two pieces. He frowns and picks up his radio, muttering to himself and beginning to transmit with a sigh*

Perhaps more tape... Ah yes, Jenny is that you? I'd started to wonder where you'd been, even started to worry a bit but I'm sure you're quite capable of handling yourself. I met with Doctor Stone yesterday, what a delightful fellow. Although there was a bit of um.... well, unpleasantness. Nothing to be alarmed about, although it has distracted me somewhat from my studies as of late. I've sought refuge far to the north, there's an alarming amount of gunfire in this area, I can hear it echoing off the hills, but the people I've met on the main road have been courteous albeit rather suspicious. Not that I can blame them, judging by the corpses I saw lined up and shot in a ditch to the side of the railroad tracks, execution style by the looks of it. Gang related violence, judging by the colors of their clothing. 

Anyway, it would be delightful to refocus on the task at hand, perhaps meeting with you to discuss my research could help to achieve that goal. I've produced some rather conclusive results from the experiments we ran regarding possible pheromones. It has led me to a very promising hypothesis, but there are... complications. I'd rather not say any more over the radio, I'll be back on the road in about four hours time, do keep in touch.

*Placing the radio down on the desk, he feels around for the two parts of his glasses. Holding them in his hands, he looks at the used up wheel of duct tape with an exasperated sigh*

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